BREAKING NEWS. Sheriff of Nottingham’s men raid protection camp at Misson Springs without warrant






The sheriff’s men have done it again, attacking Robin Hood’s camp and his Merrie Men and Women, not all that far from Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire.  As usual there are no legal grounds for the raid.  The goons are sent in spouting half remembered gibberish from their briefing earlier in the day, and they illegally seize property from the poor, who have little, and hand it to the rich.

At one time you called the Police to protect you from burglars and the like, but history’s gone full circle and we’re right back in the time of King John once more, where the biggest thieves are the baronial government, paying their goons to grab the chattels of the peasantry and hand them over to the Sheriff’s friends, whose greed is beyond limit, and their caring for mere peasants nil.

Jim The Rat Ratcliffe of INEOS is circling, hoping he can add more billions to the pile of loot he’s already seized.

Robin Hood yet again has to fend off these attacks, and rally his merrie men and women to the cause.  King Richard will return one day but until then the Sheriff’s brutes are roaming the land unopposed.  Except of course Robin knows a few tricks and can fire off a salvo of electronic weaponry to boost the chances of stopping The Rat from getting his next haul at the expense of the people of Nottingham, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

Only yesterday the peasants locked themselves onto the gates of the camp to stop the assault from the sheriff’s heaviest weaponry, barring the way.  Today the goons turned up looking for the lock-on kits, but were disappointed.  Wil Scarlett and Little John had hidden them away in the thick of Sherwood’s densest Forest.

What’s to be found between the ‘cunt’ in ‘Scunthorpe’ and the ‘ass’ in Doncaster? Answer – M-O-T-H-E-R-F-R-A-C-K-E-R-S…!!


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