Oi John! Genes Do Not Drive Well Being. Amen.

“Genes enable organisms to make proteins, but do not contain programs or blueprints, or explain the development of embryos.”
Dr. Rupert Sheldrake.

Of course it is sad for the family of Sir John Sulston that he has passed on, but the BBC are heralding him as a genome Nobel Prize winning super hero, when in fact his thinking was so limited and dogmatic he believed in the carbon cult and Marxism according to his friend interviewed on BBCR4 Today…. I didn’t catch the friend’s name. I merely ask is the story and the ‘science’ true or are we yet again looking at the religion of science?

Sir John Sulston human genome pioneer dies

Sir John won a Nobel Prize in 2002 for his work on the development of cells within a humble worm, which paved the way for innovations in cancer research.
Did he really? Exactly which innovation? What a pity his innovative research did not help avoid today’s apparent cancer epidemic.

He helped found the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute… yeah!
If you trust your health and well being to The Wellcome Trust, be my guest and good luck.

Prof Sulston’s leadership was critical to the Human Genome Project… yeah! See the material on Rupert Sheldrake below…

Interesting quote… “John wanted to sequence the human genome, I wanted to sequence the human genome,” Prof Venter said. “I can’t fault him for wanting to do that. But it was more important to him to be the one to do it than to enable it to get done quickly.”
Humble, modest man then was he?

Every gene the public sector discovered was a gene that Prof Venter couldn’t patent. But Prof Sulston, a proud socialist, said that his efforts were for the public good.
Yet again science fights for the ownership of ideas. What a lovely bunch of open mined intellects they are.

“I suppose I am anti-capitalist to the point that I feel that the companies are completely unnecessary. I think we’d all get on very well if we did all that discovery in universities, frankly.
I rather like free market capitalism; I just wish we had some! Instead we have Collectivists of the Prof. Sir John Sulston variety… I feel the label bimbo on the tip of my tongue; please rise Sir Professor John ‘Bimbo’ Sulston!

“I think all the debilitating diseases of Africa and other developing countries cannot be dealt with on a capitalist basis because there is no market – there is no money.”
… so it is a case of dumb and dumber? Where do I even start? No, there’s no market because the bimbo mind set of Sir John Sulston interfere with their ‘we know best’ dogmatic approach.

We also know the genetic basis of more than 6,000 disorders, allowing treatments to be better tailored.
Really? What say you Bruce Lipton? Tailored treatments? God preserve us.

For a different take BBC, you could have tried Dr. Rupert Sheldrake…

LEWIS WOLPERT’s faith in the predictive power of the genome is misplaced. Genes enable organisms to make proteins, but do not contain programs or blueprints, or explain the development of embryos.

The Human Genome Project has itself set back the hopes it engendered. First, our genome contains only between 20,000 and 25,000 genes, far fewer than the 100,000 expected. In contrast, sea urchins have about 26,000, and rice plants 38,000. Moreover, our genome differs very little from the chimpanzee’s genome, the sequencing of which was completed in 2005. As Svante Paeaebo, director of the Chimpanzee Genome Project, commented: “We cannot see in this why we are so different from chimpanzees.”

Science has become a religion and the £3.74 billion taxpayer funded BBC it’s dogmatic disciples. When ever I hear a scientist support the concept of man made anthropological climate change, I think oh no, not another one; and these are supposed to be a brightest minds. Which came first, the fossil fuel oil or the egg? What if the oil is not composed of fossils? But, we aren’t allowed such questions…
So another thick bugger gets a Nobel bauble.


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