Nerve Agent Cobra Crudd

She scraped through at the 2017 general election with 346 votes, but is probably still harbouring designs to nulify the 52% win for Brexit voters. She now sometimes heads the UK terror threat monitoring and management committee Cobra since she is Home Secretary.
I swear I heard the BBC report that she advises members of the public to machine wash or dry clean clothes that may have been contaminated by the Putin directed nerve agent attack. Tap Blog has far better covered this latest alleged Russan chemical weapon attack than the e.g. BBC.

Where do I begin? These people run my country. Cobra? More like Monty Python!

Atop of this I was left a Tap comment:
“Google btw are featuring this post on our google search –
Maybe it should be taken it down as it’s being used to advertise against us. Or at least change the title.”

I responded fine; do what you feel necessary…. but, then I thought again. These silly people are not to be feared, but highlighted and confronted for the tosh and nonsense they serve up. So, what say you Ms. Crudd? Should we remove our thoughts and comments? Or celebrate your new found standing: Nerve Agent Cobra Crudd!

I’m also concerned for my MP Hatt Mancock. His non gender fluid name is too binary. I’m sure there are snowflakes out there triggered by the sexist nature of his handle. Perhaps he could change it to Matt Handgina?

As Thomas Sherdan says, feck ’em if they can’t take a joke.


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  1. Tapestry says:

    That was a fixed seat if ever I saw one. Hancock I saw once at a dinner, just a lightweight actor, pretending to be politician.

  2. NPP says:

    My father says he’s an empty vessel.
    He’s blocked me on Twitter.
    I’ve just submitted an open letter to him and the local newspaper re Syria & Brexit…. why I bother goodness knows.
    Why do any of us bother?
    Because at least expressing non consent is a powerful action.

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