My New €U Passport

I went to Peterborough to renew my passport before Xmas.

I momentarily wondered if my country was finished. I saw people sleeping in the doorway; grossly over-weight people, an infestation of tattoos everywhere, nose, eyebrow piercing is common place, mobility bikes are now common place, scruffy clothes, scruffy people, the holes in jeans fashion has infected everywhere from Bağdat Caddesi, İstanbul to Peterborough, East of England… it was depressing. I know many like some of these things, but they are just not my cup of tea.

I saw a McDonald’s outlet facade which looked aesthetically pleasant for a fast food chain. What a pity they do not sell any decent food.


The cathedral looks splendid. But, the people…

…. civilisation is at a breaking point, was my thought.


I began reading Trump Art Of The Deal while having Eggs Benedict for breakfast at Bill’s Restaurant. It was a one of the more pleasant establishments I could find, but immediately I looked at the plate and thought this has been in a micro-wave. Micro-waved food is not good. I understand it destroys the molecular structure of the food and leaves it detrimental to the consumer. But, I was bloody hungry. It tasted OK. I added milk to my coffee and it was not turning creamy white. It was semi-skimmed milk. If you drink semi-skimmed milk or any low fat dairy product, you are probably not feeding your body sufficiently. But hey, do what the fig you want to do; your body, your choice. I asked for full fat milk. They had some.

What really gets my goat is it still says European Union on my passport.


At the time I thought at least Trump is together, business like, and despite what the useless cultural Marxist BBC say, to my observance, he has no discrimination in him other than do you get your stuff done or not. There are people in my country not getting their stuff done. They are not feeding themselves adequately with food or thought.

As far as I understand, the €U-UK military unification alone means there is no real Brexit. Imagine if Trump were our PM to steer Brexit. Of course, it seems Trump must inevitably disappoint as they all do, but some months on from that day in Peterborough, I’m still glad I backed him at 5-1 against Hillary Clinton.

There was a list of names inside the cathedral. One name was Edward Rainbow. It made me smile. Rainbow just seemed an unusual name. Regardless, it still says European Union on my passport.


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