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I cannot help but pull Matthew’s Handycock…. oops, that doesn’t sounds right. Leg! He’s so typical of the party line greasy pole climbing professional poli-dummy-tician, I cannot resist highlighting his rising star profile; the empty vessel.

Hope Not Hate promotes hate; another silly organisation pretending to have a the moral high ground. It’s bollix. The wonderful Dr. Graham Downing offers invaluable advise and as usual there is more useful information and analysis in this 40 mins or so UKC episode than an entire week of BBC flagshit, sorry, flagship news.

Dr. Graham Downing on mandatory vaccination
UKC chat box: redhand:”The public interest” is Napoleonic, not common, law. “Le bien publique” — what the French revolutionaries used to justify murder.
The other half of the equation that Dr Jamil dishonestly left out was that in the Middle East, doctors baldly lie to patients “for own good”
The medical professional pretend they have science backed evidence.
ASSET project?
MEDICINES DISCOVERY CATAPULT – link here. Sponsored by government – (NGO)
Gene and cell therapy CATAPULT here:
Downing: “Vaccines do not spread the stop of infection.”
Vaccines make you more susceptible to other infections.
UKC chat box: adrianp:almost all vaccines in the UK schedule contain Aluminium, although I’m happy to say that none contain Mercury (unlike those in the USA)
Brexit. Donald Tusk meets Theresa May for further love-in hidden in plain sight.
Matthew Handycock makes statement on Leveson Enquiry.
Last paragraph, “Disinformation”
UKC chat box: redhand:Nick Lowles may have bombed Warrington in 1993 for the IRA. This was reported on mainstream TV a few years ago.
UKC chat box: Look up National Action for background on the probability that that group, the precursors of HNH, may have volunteered their English Marxist
UKC chat box: redhand:Sorry, “Red Action”. National Action is another state asset bogus group, but of the “Nazi” flavour.
Who funds Hope Not Hate?
UKC chat box: Plenty of detail here by two young Americans on Hope Not Hate and its Establishment backers:
State of the Nation… we are to be turned into tribes.
Whitehall’s hand in Quilliam
UKC chat box: redhand:Quilliam, Franco-British Council and so on draw on the same Maghrebi crime clans.
redhand:Just last week, Maajid Nawaz tweeted SUPPORT for Tommy Robinson’s tweet that got him suspended (“90% of grooming gangs are Muslim”).
redhand:Quilliam was an eccentric aristocrat whom the Sultan in Constantinople appointed grand poo-bah of all British Muslims (when there were none)
CDT is one to look at

Published on 2 Mar 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Dr Graham Downing for today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Mandatory vaccination to be forced through in the near future…?
12:54 – Metal nanoparticle contaminated vaccines: why size matters
14:35 – European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance:
15:54 – Brexit – no exit: Donald Tusk visits Theresa May
20:54 – Matt Hancock has an upgrade…government to support propaganda
26:01 – BBC: Far-right ‘moving increasingly online’ but again…no evidence
30:40 – Hope Not Hate CEO: who is Nick Lowles…?
35:17 – Who funds Hope Not Hate…?
38:02 – Guardian ‘far-right’ article: written by Hope Not Hate head of research
39:58 – Hope Not Hate splits Britain into tribes…classic divide and conquer
42:15 – Hope Not Hate linked to Muslim extremists and Franco-British Council
46:30 – British government complicit in creating division within society
46:48 – British government is protecting those that fund terrorism…


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