My Mangina!

I saw this on TV. I cannot recall the channel. I was at some one else’s home. It was crap about the public submitting home videos of pets, but at some point the bearded presenter was wearing a kind of fairy princess dress and was showing his / her ‘mangina’. He / she called referred to ‘my mangina.’

I assume it was a special effects editing, but it was bizarre.

It’s nuts. There is an over-riding trend to confuse sexual identity; cloud the fact that life does consist of male female, positive negative, ying yang… I had had a glass or two of red wine, but I made a note instantly to chronicle this media event in my life so I could share the memory with all of you gender fluid non binary social justice warrior Tapsters; tongue in cheek Tapsters; my cheek.


2 Responses to “My Mangina!”

  1. NPP says:

    Steyn: Abolition of sexes one of biggest stories of our time

  2. Lanimer says:

    Sounds weird yes. One of my favourite ‘cult’ comedies (I don’t expect it to be universally popular) is/was the The Mighty Boosh who had ‘Old Gregg’ who had a tutu and a ‘mangina’ which he shows and is just blinding light. It may have been a pardody of the character, I’m pretty sure it would be as it seems to be too similar in phrase and image. Are you sure you weren’t watching old You’ve Been Framed and Mighty Boosh at the same time? Need some actual proof of this otherwise. The Mighty Boosh succesfully sued Sugar Puffs for stealing a style of singing they do on the show in one of their adverts, they were/are very protective of their characters and like them or not (if you don’t, you haven’t seen enough of it personally, don’t know who else is behind it or why it is a cult comedy, imo) they do not like to be parodied at all, especially stolen ideas and catchprases etc… the only part I wondered is the ‘bearded presenter’ and all I can think of is Jeremy Beadle. If you have further proof, please post it. Otherwise it’s just tittle-tattle and perhaps, in my view, a mix-up of the aforementioned, sorry.

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