Meet The Snake, North Yorkshire’s toxic MP. Deselect him.

Ian Crane’s tenth year organising Alternative View is coming up in May.  300 people will gather to discuss and hear talks about the agenda of the Deep State.  Don’t think that organisations such as The Environment Agency gives a fig about the environment.  Or the Health & Safety Executive give a toss about either health or safety.  They are there purely to facilitate the corporatist agenda.

Politicians are also compromised, and have no intention at all of representing you in the scale of things.  Kevin Holinsnake tried pushing the fracking agenda at a local meeting on Thursday night, and was spanked, but then was featured by the BBC on the Sunday Politics Show trotting all the party palliatives.   This section of the programme was only broadcast in Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.  He lied through his teeth saying 80% of his constituents were in favour of fracking.

The Snake

There are no surveys showing anything like that figure.  Anne MacIntosh the former MP was anti-fracking, and was told she was being deselected by the Party.  She was offered the House Of Lords and took it, with the safe Tory seat being handed to the Snake, who agreed to push fracking as the deal.

The community needs together to spit this criminal and his like out of office.  The people of North Yorkshire spat fracking out of their area by running a vibrant campaign exposing the incompetence of Barclay’s Bank’s bankrupt subsidiary Third Energy.  The snake didn’t say a single word about the problems of Third Energy, or the even consider the people who will lose out if fracking were ever to go ahead – and that means getting sick and dying.  He is a sold out mobster presenting himself as a serious politician and friend of the people.  He’s not.  He’s just a snake.

As for Lancashire and Preston New Rd.  ‘tagBritishGas’ must be launched, as Yorkshire ran ‘tagaBarclays’.  You can’t rely on your elected representatives.  You can’t trust the Environment Agency.  You can’t trust the HSE.  You have yourself and your community.  That’s all.  So get out in it.  Get together and throw these criminals out.

Or see how many people will die and how much of our environment will be destroyed, because that’s what this is all about.  The Conservatives are pushing fracking and the corporate agenda.  Labour are declaring to end it.  Conservative MPs in marginal constituencies will be sent fracking whenever an election is called, if the voters are awake enough to realise what is going on.  Contact your MP to ask them what they are doing to prevent fracking in your area.

British Gas is trying to become the first organisation to carry out a frack in Britain.  Move your account.  Get after them.  They must be stopped.


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