Love Yourself!

“Post humanists want to create organic computers and a cyber future, yet don’t even know what the real roots, the real physics, the real biology of the human being is.”
“What if I could heal you without drugs? The pharmaceutical industry will reply holly crap, what do you mean without drugs? What do we do? We sell drugs… if the pharmaceutical could put energy into a tablet, into a capsule, we’s be doing energy medicine today, but there’s no profit in it, so they have been keeping us in the chemical dependency that they offer…”

“Healing is much more effective with conscious energy and thought than it is with chemistry… work with the mechanics of the universe…”

“The family cancer isn’t genetics. The family cancer is programming.”
Health gets better where the system (e.g. doctor strike in Israel) is down.

Love yourself! One of the biggest stumbling blocks in the world…

Author, historian Michael Tsarion is running a podcast with martial arts practitioner David Whitehead.

Unslaved Podcast: A Conversation with Bruce Lipton

Michael and David welcome Dr. Bruce Lipton to Unslaved to speak about his extraordinary findings in cellular biology and genetics. Dr. Lipton is the proverbial academic “insider” whose paradigm-busting discoveries and ideas dismantle the lies and frauds of ages concerning consciousness and biology. Are the mind and brain the same? Are materialists right to conflated the two? If not, why not? Are humans condemned to be victims of internal and external forces? This and much more…


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