Leave Them Trees There Be SWT!

Trees. Ian R. Crane is mentioning trees. We are having a tree cutting issue too, in Dad’s Army countryside on the Norfolk-Suffolk border. Watch the end credits of Dad’s Army and that is Knettishall, for long known locally as Red Arch. The culprit is SWT; Suffolk Wildlife Trust. It’s a longer story than I have time for now, but local volunteers believe they have been contributing and collaborating toward a good, environmentally friendly cause. Little do they know know the UK has been allocated, ‘legally binding’, to provide 20% of global heathland as part of a global biodiversity programme and where there is a tree and a doubt, it is removed in favour of heathland.

The Trusts are well funded and organised. At this stage I merely recommend be aware of the tree cutters and the Trusts. Anyone familiar with the UN, Maurice Strong, Agenda 21 etc will not be surprised, but there are still too few that are aware.

In Knettishall’s case the Knettishall Phooking Bird, Henry Phook is on the case. They cut down his friend the tree to leave him with a stump…. the local SWT head honcho has a name not dissimilar to Right-On:

The story goes Henry VIII used to take the waterways all the way to Knettishall and hang out in a local hunting lodge. The Knettishall Phooking bird, named after King Henry, returned one day and in stunned shock reacted “Where the phuck’s my nest?!”

The local accent sounds a tad more like phook than phuck… you get the idea.

They have huge funding and global organisation to cajole, persuade and deceive the local people. We have humour…. there are videos planned, but until they are done, all join in, in a Suffolk-Norfolk accent of your choosing, to the tune of Bud Flanagan’s Dad’s Army theme melody:


Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Right On

When you say you’ll cut things down

I’m a local oik, gonna stop your little game

If you touch my trees boy, I’ll sing about your shame

So who do you think you are kidding Mr. Right On

If you think our trees are done


There’s an ol’ boy down the road, his missus has his gun

She may pull it off for him, just to see you run

You sells us trust and then with lust weald yer petrol axes

Knettishall turned Nagasaki funded by our taxes

‘Cos who do you think you are kidding Mr. Right On

Just you leave them trees there be


Where’s the Wild in Suffolk Life where Trust become betrayal

That ol’ boy Sir Rottenborough yarns his carbon tale

Our trees breathe in our Co2 and leaves us with fresh air

Then yous turns up and cuts ’em down, leave us in despair

‘Cos who do you think you are kidding Mr. Right On

Just you leave them trees there be


Romove your bleedin’ car park, your fences and your grids

Our trees give natural pleasures to pensioners ‘n’ kids

We know Agenda Twen’y One is real corpocracy

If you don’t leave them buggers be, we’ll bring back Hangman’s Tree

‘Cos who do you think you are kidding Mr. Right On

Just you leave them buggers be

The Sheffield Chainsaw Massacre


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