Is Texas next for a false flag?

Ole Dammegard interview on the Steven D Kelly show.   I find many radio shows hard to listen to, but Steven Kelly is very easy listening.

Ole tells how his family were active in the Danish resistance in WW2.  Take it from there.

The pattern of assassinations and false flags decoded, taking the story from Olaf Palme right up to the present day.

The perpetrators of terror events and false terror events are terrified of the Laws of Karma.  They have to leave signals in front of us telling us where their next event will be, in order to avoid the evil they unleash from coming back onto them.  These signals can be picked up by those who know what to look for.

‘They’ need to control the human masses.  To do this they must create fear, so we turn towards the people we believe will protect us, not understanding that they are the very ones doing it to us.  The solution is always the same – giving up your liberty, your human rights and you accept it all out of fear.  Ole makes it all clear – inasmuch as anyone can.


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