Is Pompeo Trump’s CIA Bush?

Trump is happy to keep ‘enemies’ close at hand when necessary. Is Trump truly a different kettle of fish or just another globalist muppet? Trump had Pompeo meet with whistle blower William Binney. Trump may be aware Putin is no angel, but not the culprit as fingered by the UK-€U-US globalists. Putin did not invade Crimea. Assad did not use chemical weapons as accused by the UK-€U-US. Other examples cited by the bimbos on BBC Question Time and Any Questions such as Pussy Riot being arrested, are ludicrous. If women undressed and demonstrated in Westminster Cathedral, do you think the UK police would have sniggered and shooed them away with slapped wrists? I wonder if Pompeo has been drafted in because Trump feels he can take the heat, manage the usual suspects and realise a peaceful settlement or two. I guess time will tell.

From G. Edward Griffin’s newsletter:
Crash Course on Who Controls the CIA, US State Department, and Donald Trump

Crash Course on Who Controls the CIA, US State Department, and Donald Trump

Political analyst, Jake Morphonios, examines the significance of President Trump’s nomination of Mike Pompeo, the present Director of the CIA, to the post of Secretary of State. To do this, he starts with the history of the Council on Foreign Relations, founded in 1921 by Colonel Edward Mandel House and JP Morgan, and shows how this group ever since has been at the center of a movement to transform the US from an independent nation into a political subdivision of a world Marxist government. No one is spared in this dissertation. If you ever voted for a US president who won the election, including Donald Trump, be prepared to be indignant – and enlightened. This is one of the finest history lessons you will ever find. -GEG

I joke to myself: I don’t know nuthin’. I just know now! Most things are hearsay and second hand. We can but know our own personal experiences; everything else is gossip.

I continue to give Trump the benefit of the doubt. Much of my optimism is based upon the onslaught of name calling and accusation aimed his way when previous dastardly characters did not receive anywhere near as much condemnation. I feel his critics doth protest too much; it makes me suspicious; perhaps Trump truly is a threat to the long held establishment control mind set freaks.

Then again, maybe he is just another manipulated ‘Rothschild’ lackey. I continue to watch. He’s certainly entertaining; triggering so many silly billies like Brian Cox, Anna Soubry, Meryl Streep and an endless list of shallow twerps.


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  1. Tapestry says:

    If Trump is part of the war plan, the possibility of fake assassination should be considered. He’s the nice guy vis a vis Clinton and the hawks. If he was taken out in a moderately convincing fashion, and a Russian could be blamed, it would make many more Americans war hungry. Trump peace hopes would be crushed. It’s hard to read many aspects of the Trump Presidency, and a coming (false) assassination would clear up all that confusion and make his approach to many topics more logical. Would it be the Trump plane being shot down (with no personnel on board) as one way of doing that? According to Miles Mathis the Presidential assassinations to date have all been fakes, Lincoln, Kennedy especially notable. Why not one more in this tactic of raising hopes, then dashing them and then seeking revenge on an innocent supposed perpetrator?

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