Interview With Whistle Blower John Wedger Removed

Police whistle blower John Wedger spoke to UK Column’s Brian Gerrish regarding the violation of children. While the UK government pretend to investigate this issue, in reality they keep it from prying eyes and ears as they can. Brian covers this among others topics…

Don’t let the weather get you down all you poor little UK snowflakes.
John Wedger interview removed
Bitchute for the interview:
YouTube says it ‘accidentally’ shut down conservative channels
Where is the John Wedger file?
Brian Gerrish is not a proper journalist… of course!?
Weather alert:
Weather not the problem. Infrastructure the problem.
Real physical melt down. No productivity.
Privatising social housing…. introduced by Blair 1997
Anglo-German defense.
Pesco planning… permanent military unification, global strategy.
UKC caht box: As swilliamism predicted, this is the elite’s big chance to write a new constitution with no brakes on Cabal Prerogative.
Police failure:
Alex Jones in the Guardian…
Richard Kind interview

Published on 1 Mar 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Internet censorship continues: modern book burning for all to see
02:49 – Met Police child abuse whistleblower: updates & correspondence
17:47 – Normal February weather used as excuse for destruction of Britain
25:27 – Comparing the outlook in Britain (and Europe) with Russia
28:46 – Housing: government to sell off public assets – no public benefit
31:43 – Defence: Anglo-German defence pact follows the French tie-up
35:03 – Total hypocrisy: Don’t break up Britain, May warns EU leaders…
38:56 – Police refuse to investigate crime chief John Murphy
40:03 – Alternative media censorship: just proves where truth lies…
41:50 – Thought crime in China…or was it developed elsewhere…?
42:28 – Media spin: reverse psychology in evidence with #Me Too


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