I Invite You To Stay With Us Lauren!

I’ve also written to President Trump to invite him to the UK since my government and media are so unpleasant to him. No answer yet. Now it is Lauren Southern…

This is the ‘terrible, right wing extremist, racist, neo-Nazi, all other horrid labels we can think of…’ Tommy Robinson conducting better interviews than many BBC well paid ‘professionals’. I’m not a love-in sycophant of Tommy Robinson; he is an ex-football hooligan and seems a strong advocate of Zionist Israel. These are simply not my cups of tea. However, like or loathe the interviewer, if the conversation is engaging, so be it regardless who conducts it.

EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Southern Breaks Silence on Detention under the Terrorism Act

What on earth are my government official arseholes thinking when they deny the likes of Lauren in? Lauren, I invite you to come stay with us!
Catch the section where Lauren plays back a recording of the UK authority calling her father to inform him that his daughter has been detained on a terrorism act. Who are the muppets just following orders and holding Lauren?

Tommy has conducted further interesting interviews…. the one with Imam Tawhidi is particularly interesting to me because it illustrates how religious theory takes people round and round in circles with no absolute conclusion as to what is factual or truthful. As Mark Passio has stated, in the beginning was the word and there’s a problem for a start because words are liable to interpratation and manipulation. At least Tommy meets, greets and has congenial discourse. The ex football hooligan shows far greater engagement and empathy than e.g. BBC R4 John Bumhumphrys or Sarah Moundofgoo.

Tommy Meets: Sargon of Akkad

Meeting The World’s Most Notorious Muslim


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