Hey Paul, Can We Can End Paxil?

To coin a Gavin Paper Boy Williamson phrase, oh go away & shut up McCartney; and take your pink pussy hat brain with you!

There are many excellent documentaries, research documents and publications on human engineering, mind control, pharmaceutical side affects, government agency programmes… and yet this mindless ‘ban guns’ commentary promulgates throughout the mainstream news media. Paxil is just one example, case and story.

Last night BBC R5 Live were bemoaning the US gun laws and hailing the various protests in the US, €U etc… this morning Paddy O’Connell and his luvvie guests all joined in to condemn gun ownership in the US….
‘Sunday morning magazine programme with news and conversation about the big stories of the week. Presented by Paddy O’Connell.’

Gun control? I’m more concerned about the cultural Marxism infecting our airwaves and our everyday lives. Hey Paul, try a little background research into Mark Chapman, MK Ultra and pharmaceutical chemical prescriptions. Is McCartney really just stupid? Add to this it is being suggested FakeBook aided and abetted Brexit and Trump’s election victory. Yep, the same FakeBook which was overtly pro-€U and pro-Clinton. Add further the women’s pink pussy-hat marches and the funding and organisation behind them and oh my goodness, my community has completely lost the plot.

Oh please please please, give me a decent and proper BBC to present an informed, objective, open minded approach to news and information dissemination… oh look, a pig flying above my head!

Psychotropic Drugs & Mass Shootings: Why I Took a Gun to School
Then-16-year-old Corey Baadsgaard and his father tell the story of how Corey took a rifle to his school and held 23 classmates hostage. He was on psychotropic drugs prescribed for depression and anxiety, but his parents were not told that the drugs caused amnesia, hallucination, and homicidal tendencies.



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