Have you realised it yet? The politicians don’t give one sh*t about you.

..until, that is, you become active in your local area to stop government programmes which threaten your health and welfare.  As in Sheffield yesterday the Council stopped the 5G tree felling operation which is intended to fell 17,500 trees.  The activists have been driven into action primarily as a result of the outrageous policing.  Once people see Police arresting peaceful protesters doing nothing, they get bloody angry, off their butts and out onto the streets.  This is very puzzling for governments, the corporations that own then and Councils who are used to the public being totally apathetic while they declare wars, kill millions of people around the world and destroy the environment.  Are people at last awakening?  They bloody well should be.

Don’t trust a single media report about anything.

That’s right.  They lie non stop about nearly everything, and they are used to people sitting on their sofas and swallowing all the bullshit.

Use the internet.  Find the alternative media, and find people in your area who are awake and know things.

Do your own research, about 5G, for example.  Or anything else.

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  1. NPP says:

    FakeBook: Save The Knettishall Trees.

    Our trees could be a watershed moment. It is happening nationwide.

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