Goldperson Sachs?

I know this has probably done the rounds from Icke’s website to G. Edward Griffin’s newsletter and beyond, but this utter stupidity, madness, insanity is spreading and I recommend we diligently defend against, what to me is straight forward in your face cultural Marxism.

Tucker suggests we spell man, ‘maan’, to avoid offending sensitives. Tucker certainly has his tongue firmly in cheek. As for Cathy? Is she serious beneath her smile? Does she really believe this tosh and nonsense?

Published on 23 Feb 2018
Purdue writing guide says avoid use of words with ‘man’

Widely-used online writing and grammar resource by Purdue University encourages college students to avoid ‘generic use of MAN and other words with masculine markers.’ Have we really taken political correctness and ‘toxic masculinity’ too far? #Tucker

Catalina Magaizne Publisher, Cathy Areu…. sounds like ‘are €U’, how appropriate.
“Call me a person, I’d be less offended, no need for woman.”

The campaign for unbias writing.

Tucker: “Who gets to decide what changes and what does’t, for example I’ve decided the most offensive use of language is college professor because to me that denotes dumbness and misuse of power… I’d like no one to use that term in my presense again because it offends me…”


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