We are going to be fracked unless we make a stand. It’s Just One FrACKING Assault After Another!

Get down to the Royal Court of Justice at 10.30 this am. Free speech in Britain being overturned unless the judge refuses.

At 10.30 am this morning at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, UKOG is attempting to put the most horrific injunction in place to kill off free speech in this country.   No one will be allowed to say anything which might affect the commercial interests of UKOG (dog fracking company) negatively without being in contempt of court.

Ian Crane having no assets will continue expressing and exposing the companies like UKOG for the criminality he believes he can observe.

The Weald Action Group will be opposing as well as a number of individuals, who are making it clear they will continue exposing the truth and will not be stifled.

The Rolls Building, Fetter Lane, near Chancery Lane Tube Station.

Ian will be speaking tonight at Bolsover Assembly Rooms at 7.30 this evening 19th March 2018 –

Title – We are going to be fracked unless we make a stand.

Lee Rowley MP is still standing tall against fracking – Conservative.  He’s now heading up the All Parliamentary Group which will explore the policy of shale gas exploration in the UK and abroad.  The former head was Kevin Hollinsnake MP, who just trots out the party line…no doubt party whip has compromising pictures – as he complies with the needs of the fracking industry.  Last week he said why not jettison all imports of gas and go for shale gas within the UK.

Greg Clark Minister of Energy publicly went against Hollinsnake, saying Britain benefits for a diverse supply of gas and we should not throw away the strength of our position.


The city’s trees are under threat.  Why are the trees being felled when the majority of the trees are healthy.  Whole streets are having their trees removed.  It is now formally acknowledged that across the US and the UK, the 5G wifi signal has a frequency bandwidth which is negatively affected by foliage and raindrops on leaves.  The trees are being removed to protect the integrity of the 5G rollout.

The decimation of trees across the UK is planned.  Sheffield is the first attempt at felling all the trees, to see if the people react or not.  The contract with Amey is to remove 17,500 trees in Sheffield to be replaced with only 200 a year.  If you ignore Sheffield, the programme is going to move to your community.

TAP – I wondered why the weeping willows along the River Severn in Shrewsbury had been stripped right back leaving only their trunks.  Maybe this is the 5G programme being enacted here..

The internet of things including the tags in the clothes that you’re wearing can track you everywhere you go using 5G.  The removal of the trees is needed to make an internet that tracks us all everywhere.

Technocracy Inc was written in the 1930 when the internet and all were planned, including Peak Oil being used to convince people of oil scarcity.  Traditional Liberal values will be got rid of to enable direct control of the whole population.  The Grand Chessboard was written by Zbigniew Brzezinski and in there is written years ago, the plan to create Russia into an enemy – and achieve global full spectrum dominance.

This is not rampant conspiracy, as it is described by some, but you will only see that if you do the research.  You need to connect the dots.  Humanity is under a multi-pronged assault by a psychopathic elite.  Humanity needs to recover control from the psychopathic elites, or future generation will have lives with nothing to feel good about, which is why the teen suicide rates are already skyrocketing.  We have to fight back.  Get down to Fetter Lane this morning to carry on that fight for your children and their children.  Free Speech is all we have to fight with, and they want to take that away from us through the courts.  Don’t be asleep.  Be awake.


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