Germany, France and Italy fear sanctions being imposed against Russia

Patrick Henningsen chats with Ian Crane.

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The halcyon days of true internet freedom are well and truly behind us.  We have to make the most of this era while we still have access, before a new era comes in.

Re Salisbury chemical attack narrative, Corbyn is getting a massive media attack for refusing to condemn Putin.  Clip of Corbyn at PMQs asking very reasonable common sense questions – what evidence is there basically.  Just as the accusations accusing Russia of interfering in the US election fall away with no evidence provided after eighteen  months, the UK launches the accusation of Russia carrying out chemical warfare on British soil again with absolutely no evidence.  Everything is a media circus designed to accuse Russia when the UK is in breach of the international agreements as to how such incidents should be investigated.

One possibility was that Skripal was in negotiation to return to Russia, saying he was able to offer what he knew about the anti-Trump election campaign.  If true that would have made many want him assassinated.  Whatever the reason for Sergei Skripal’s poisoning, we have another WMD media push to demonise a potential enemy.

It’s the same in Syria where the UK has accused the government of using chemical weapons against its own people without providing evidence.  Those that ask simple questions, challenging the proclamations will be attacked.  It’s the same in the US.

No matter the provenance of the fake accusations, they have no intention of providing any evidence now or in the future, and the measures taken in revenge are put into effect.  The burden of proof is reversed.  It’s the same in Syria.  The parties can kill anyone they like and not be blamed, and the blame will be placed on Russia.

Cameron recalled Parliament in August 2013 to launch a preemptive stroke against Assad on the basis that he had used chemical weapons against his own people.  It turned out that the accusations were all untrue.  ISIS had been given the chemical weapons and one had accidentally gone off.  The British people saw the reports of the international experts saying that it wasn’t;t Assad, wrote to their MPs and the vote went against Cameron.

This time the same kind of lies and pressures are being exerted much harder.   Will the people be able to withstand the onslaught of media lies on the occasion?

At the UN British representative accused Russia of having Novichok in stock without any evidence or proof, despite having Russia having agreed to get rid of all its stocks.  A paid defector made the accusations, a single source who’s making good money.  His word would not stand in a court of law, yet the media runs with it.

Jonathan Miller – The accusation of Russia poisoning Livinenko, of invading Crimea, having MH17 shot down, protecting Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons – are put out in the media with a totally straight face.  The UK and the US have the worst track record in interfering in other countries, carrying out assassinations, and state sponsored violet actions.  If it wasn’t so serious, it would almost be a comedy.  They claim thorough investigations being carried out which are not yet finished – double speak.

The US is running biological and chemical weapons programmes in many countries including Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Georgia. Using private contractors to cover up and provide deniability.  The US and the US still have chemical and biological weapons programmes.  It’s all innuendo and suggestion accompanied with pouring out of invective against Russia.  Due to this effort a lot of people in the US and Britain now believe that Russia is guilty of such things despite not evidence being provided.

Politicians and people of low intelligence seem to actually believe these accusations.

US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, tries to create a narrative to accuse Russia, North Korea, Syria – of increasing use of chemical weapons.  None of it is proven.  Russia is accused of shielding the Assad regime.  Syria just found a large lab producing chemical weapons inside recaptured terrorist areas near Damascus, the terrorists backed by the United States.  It’s lies upon lies upon lies.  They hope enough people will believe the lies.   She might not be very bright, and believes what she is saying, or she knows she’s lying.  The other type is those that know that there are lies but they are too cowardly to say what the media is saying is untrue.  Hypocrisy.

Russia has requested samples to check from Britain of the poisons alleged to have been used, but the British government has refused.  If they had any evidence they would provide it.  They are in a hurry to rush the lies into the media, as they have a timescale to keep, to do something in Syria where the US and the UK are losing the war.  We are backing the worst terror group in the world there, and the loss of the war is desperately embarrassing for the Anglo-American Empire.

Paper Boy Gavin Williamson, UK Minister of Defence put on his long trousers, and gave a media response – ‘Russia should go away.  It should shut up.’   Lack of statesmanlike skill in evidence.  If this is the calibre of statesmanship in the UK, we are in trouble.  He declared a £48 million programme into chemical weaponry, using the crisis not to got o waste.

He’s backed as a future PM.  Heaven help us.  The youngest ever Chief Whip, he’s demonstrated he’ll do exactly what he’s told.  And trading dirt over MPs to force them into line.  He’s been tasked with the chore of presenting Russia as a rogue state, and try to oust Russia from UN Security Council.  Already kicked out of the G8, he wants to delegitimise Russia.  Steven Kinnock on the BBC yesterday was advocating postponing the World Cup in 2019 and hold it in another country, not in Russia.  Already Russian athletes have been delegitimised by accusing them of using drugs.

Within Russia this will actually all increase Putin’s standing.  He is hailed as the leader who left the Rothschild Central Banking system.  Russia and China are trading outside the US$ area now and the Global Central banking System.



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