Free health advice… to avoid and cure diabetes

Hey Tap

Have you been watching the iThrive docuseries?

It’s replaying for free right now through the end of day tomorrow.

We have been sharing it with our community the last few weeks and the response has been amazing… with good reason.

Just 9 months ago, my friend, Jon McMahon, was morbidly obese, depressed, and at the end of his rope…

He had already had 1 diabetes heart attack, and his doctor told him another one could come at ANY moment.  And he didn’t have much reason to live.

Thankfully he saw enough light at the end of the tunnel to find the necessary expert advice he needed, follow it, lose 60+ lbs, and now he is thriving again!

Even better, he documented his whole journey in a 9-part docuseries that you can watch for free this weekend.

Please watch this documentary series if…

  1. You have or are at risk to have diabetes.
  2. You are 10lbs or more overweight. It’s proven that excess weight increases your chances to get a disease or major health condition.
  3. You want to transform your life in any area. This is a transformational story that will inspire and motivate you to change your life.
  4. Someone you care about deeply is obese or has diabetes and you want to be educated and informed so you can help them.

Go here to watch 1 or more episodes today (while it’s still available for free).

If you’re ready to transform your life (or help a loved one do so) this is just the series to inspire and empower you.

Hope this helps you (or a loved one) be healthier and happier :-).

To your empowerment,

John Malanca

P.S. Together we can change and save lives.

Who do you know who needs this information?


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