Emphasis: Damage To Signal Loss Caused By Trees!!!

Trees are becoming a huge, local, nationwide and global issue. This is not about the stupid Co2 carbon cult global warming scam. This is real environmental awareness and the developing campaign to save our trees. I am referencing Viktor Schauberger, not the BBC’s Sir David Rottenborough, Brian Clotz, Dickie Dorkins or the carbon cult Newtonian particle reductionist physics mind set.

5G? An Assault On Our Trees!

SWT = Suffolk Wildlife Trust…. to the tune of the Dad’s Army theme:

Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Right On
When you say you’ll cut things down
I’m a local oik, gonna stop your little game
If you touch my trees boy, I’ll sing about your shame
So who do you think you are kidding Mr. Right On
If you think our trees are done

Where’s the Wild in Suffolk Life where Trust become betrayal
That ol’ boy Sir Rottenborough yarns his carbon tale
Our trees breathe in our Co2 and leaves us with fresh air
Then yous turns up and cuts ’em down, leave us in despair
‘Cos who do you think you are kidding Mr. Right On
Just you leave them trees there be

Sheffield Council blames ‘increasingly dangerous’ protesters as partial tree-felling halt called
The goal is to remove approx. 17,500 trees.
As the indomitable Ian R. Crane says: Citizen Press is working.
Do your own research.
Be aware of Common Purpose newspeak.
Anything with Smart in the name isn’t smart for you or me.
University of Surrey document:
Section 3.1
New ways for local planning authorities to work with mobile network operators offers huge future opportunities for local communities to benefit from a leap forward in rural coverage. In the past the priority for planning authorities has been to reduce mobile mast heights so that masts are visually screened by buildings and/or trees – with trees being the highest and more likely obstruction. However this also screens the RF signals and has defeated the objective of reliable coverage as illustrated in figure 3….
… To avoid this shadowing loss and be outside of the Fresnel zone, it is necessary for the tree height to be at least 3m less than the base station height.

The emphasis is damage to signal loss caused by trees!!!

From original Tap Blog post:
Have you realised it yet? The politicians don’t give one sh*t about you.


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