Did the world back down? It’s just as well.

Two weeks ago, Bollocks Johnson, Treason May and Paperboy Williamson, the UK’s most embarrassing trio of Ministers, were salivating with faux rage about a fake news event which they had clearly been advised was intended to lead on to a war with Russia.  Countries all over the world followed suit and expelled diplomats, without any requesting evidence that anything had actually happened..

It seemed like 2003 was back and WMD, with no common sense permitted into the discussion from any side.  Those who disagreed with the lack of evidence in 2003 like David Kelly, were murdered, and the war party had its day, with millions of people dying and having their lives destroyed in Iraq.

But this time the brakes seem to have been applied.

Despite the initial momentum, and despite the world’s news media repeating the Novichuckle nonsense all day everywhere for two long weeks, the war has not started as expected.   Reports that Yulia Skripal has recovered from poisoning by a nerve agent are circulating.  What’s the reason?  Once they ratchet up the momentum, they don’t normally back away.

Is it the realisation that Syria and Russia are armed with far more advanced weaponry than was thought?

Iraq’s army was decades behind NATO and the US in 2003, but in 2018, the military advantage seems to have switched over to the defenders, and away from the aggressors.

Aggressors have the harder task to perform in war, in that they must bring in ships and aircraft and fire missiles and ordinance after locating their targets.  All defenders have to do is shoot them all down or sink them.  And this is what Russia and Syria are apparently well able to do.

The question must be that if the military know all of this, presumably, why did no one in the media-controlling side of the war-making machine have any idea, that sending in the troops would this time prove rather too expensive in lives and material?

Has Russia been shooting down US missiles and Israeli planes in Syria?

The moment that Isreal didn’t join in the media game, and didn’t back the idiotic British story about Novichuckle delivered by our chief comedian Bollocks Johnson himself, the game was clearly up.

Israel refuses to back Bollocks Osman and May over Novichuckle narrative.

But apparently no one in London or in Washington had any idea this would occur.  Israel was expected to fall into line with the rest of the world and play the ‘stop Russia now’ game.

The problem is that Israel knows rather better than super arrogant politicians in London that planes and missiles are being shot down in Syria.  If there was an easy hit available, I am sure Israel would be happy to join the party, but to Israel’s own cost, the notion of Syrian and Russian vulnerability to air attack is no longer viable.  In fact the attackers are facing laser weaponry that is tuned in and effective.  They might lose every aircraft being sent in.

As for the ships sitting around the Gulf and The Red Sea, they could all be sunk in a day when attacked by Russian hypersonic weapons which they have no defence again.  If the American navy were to disappear in a single day, it would be more than a Pearl Harbour or 9/11.  It would be surrender time for the bullyboys of Washington and London, with tens of thousands lost, not to mention a certain amount of hurt military pride.  Israel could find herself alone by Day 3 of the conflict.

Maybe some military planners in Tel Aviv managed to get the message across to the political side within Israel in time, before the total military fiasco was allowed to take place.

The politicians back in London must wonder what happened to all their carefully crafted work of the last two weeks.  They followed their briefs, trotted out convincing sounding lies to order, held debates, accused people of this and that, and spouted the nonsensical tripe that we are now all so used to.  The media followed suit and repeated endlessly their every word.  Very few believed any of it, but still they carried on.

And now, as the whole foolish charade is called off, the silence is deafening.  Well,  almost…..

Fake news report unintentionally shows how well Russian air defences are doing against Israelis


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  1. Aldous says:

    Bullingdon Club boy (and I lean heavily on the term ‘boy’ here) ‘Boris ‘Johnson’ – born in USA and real family name Osman of Turkish parentage – has got to b

  2. Aldous says:

    …be one of the most ridiculous and perverse appointments of British and Commonwealth Foreign Secretaries in the infamous history of the Anglo-Zionist warmongering swamp empire.

    Police officers stand outside the gates of the consular section of the Russian Embassy, March 18, 2018 / Hannah McKay / Reuters


    Modern Zionist-Israeli trained Cops in action. The grunts’ appearance is a far cry from Jack Warner’s portrayal in Dixon of Dock Green.
    They must take a couple of hours to get into all that cheap and nonsense. I wonder if they play pretend T J Lazer like in Robocop?

    The fat one on the right interests me.
    Very purposeful looking. A lot like those Michelin figures some of the trucker/semi community Stacy to their wing mirrors except the Michelin guys have more of a brain.

  3. Aldous says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Bullingdon boy-creature Boris reminds one of SHREK?
    This inbred and infantile retard is so much out of it’s depth, UK swamp life is seriously thinking of moving to Israel as the better of two fucking evils.

    That’s if they can get on a plane at Heathrow without the captain being shafted by the latest childish antics by the the UK Nursery School.

    Britain says Aeroflot plane was searched to protect UK from ‘organized crime & harmful substances’
    Published time: 31 Mar, 2018 13:18
    Edited time: 31 Mar, 2018 18:11


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