Day of celebration. Except Jeff was rushed to hospital.

Ineos’ chief operations officer Tom Pickering got totally spanked at a planning committee hearing at Rotherham Borough Council.  In words of Chair of the committee, ‘Ineos has not exactly covered itself in glory’.  Pickering’s a dead man walking – who talks over opposition hoping they’ll go quiet.  Ineos have lost every hearing at a planning committee, or Council hearing, they’ve ever taken part in.

Out of nine hearings this year, eight have gone against the unconventional gas industry.  The only one they won was West Sussex County Council.  The Councillors were threatened they could be sued individually if they opposed in that case, typical of the legal teams of the Osborne/Cameron era threatening councillors to comply.

In the current era the level of awareness is much higher.  In Yorkshire.

Unfortunately the anti-fracking community in Nottinghamshire is not so pumped, even though Misson Springs and Tinker Lane are only inches away from both South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.  The Yorkshire anti-fracking community should cross the border to get boots on the ground to slow the drilling pad construction, as North Nottinghamshire is not stepping up to the plate.

Is Jim Ratcliffe owner of (TOM P/INEOS. = TOM POISEN) going to carry on backing Tom Pickering?  He’s one of the best recruiting tools for the anti-fracking community.  Keep him in place, says Ian Crane.  Taking on The National Trust has boosted support for the anti-fracking community enormously overnight.  The NT can afford lawyers and have clout at Westminster.  Pickering will find he’s costing his boss The Rat a great deal of money.  The North Yorkshire community is primed to fight and Pickering will be wasting his time and his boss’ money by taking them on.

UKOG is applying for an injunction to stop anyone criticising their operations and losing them money.  The summary for the proposed injunction as seen looks ridiculous, says Ian Crane, and is contemptible.  He will be totally ignoring such an injunction on a daily basis, criticising UKOG for their arrogance and the threat UKOG represents to the environment and people of the South East of England.  Leith Hill and Europa has a lesser injunction.  But these injunctions are massive PR own goals and contribute to raising awareness of what the mother frackers intend, and get people angry and willing to engage in activism.

Jeff Bostock needs a cheer, says Ian, and his wife Becka.    At Kirby Misperton, they came up to Ian at his first presentation and promised to be there wherever fracking threatened Yorkshire.  He was there on day one.  He stopped the landowner ploughing the land to stop the anti-frackers from occupying the land.  He has been donating and contributing since the beginning.  He was there at the end of the cap at KM8 doing the clean-up.  Jeff’s been rushed to hospital yesterday.  As yet no diagnosis.  But Ian wishes him a speedy recovery.  Anti-fracking community is average age of over 60.  Maybe he was lifting a bit more than he should have done.  Ian’s dropping in at the hospital today to visit him.  They need more people at Kirby Misperton to help clear up the site.  Maybe you can get there.  Please do.


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