Barclays Bank Third Energy fiasco exposed as they withdraw from N.Yorks

The human toll of fracking catalogued. Van Dieman’s Land, Australia.

Ian Crane gives a brief summary of how Barclays Bank have suffered a major loss of face over their ownership of Third Energy, which is now crashing out of North Yorkshire.  The financial position of the company was beyond dire, with debts approaching £100 million with cash flow of no more than £500,000 a year.  The fracking industry in Britain is a dead duck.  It’s finished, yet banks are still lending money to companies like INEOS who are facing total resistance from every Council across Britain.  They’re simply not wanted.  Yet no one is ready to stand up to the growing catastrophe, financial and environmental, and the government is looking increasingly desperate to get shot of it all.

Theresa May is just a mouthpiece – the Maybot as she’s being called.  Ian Crane delivers his talk today to the Energy Minister Greg Clark, who has realised that the companies which are proposing to frack, are financially unable to do the job they claim they are there to do,  black holes, making losses which could very well land on the government’s desk in the end of the day.

Many people across Britain have joined the campaign to stop the fracking agenda.  Some MPs are now seeing the light, people like Sarah Wollaston MP for Totnes, who has switched sides from backing the frack, to asking searching questions of what is going on of the Select Committee investigating fracking.

The government has no idea how many jobs fracking is meant to create.  They have no estimate of the amount of waste the industry is likely to create, despite all the claims of gold-plated regulation and no risks to the environment.  The whole problem is the waste, and the methods of disposal.  There are no waste plans in place at all.

Ian appeals to Greg Clark, Minister for Energy to stop the lunacy now.  Greg Clark says that developers have to satisfy thirteen criteria before they can be given the go-ahead to frack.  Yet the government admits it has no idea how the various issues are to be dealt with.  Ian Crane says he will be carrying out freedom of information requests to Greg Clark to get the information as to how any of the criteria have been satisfied.  Third Energy had no money at all, yet was said to have satisfied most of the criteria.

Sarah Wollaston MP is concerned about the negative health effects on communities around the world.  See the Belfast doctor working in Queensland listing out the terrible effects on thousands of people that are happening right now.  Many deaths.  In Britain it would be far worse, with our denser population.

INEOS’ corporate structure and finances should be investigated now.  As should IGAS, CUADRILLA and all the others.  Otherwise the government will be left holding all the losses once all the cowboys ride off into the sunset.  The banks know they will get bailed out and so don’t take proper responsibility.  Barclays should hang their heads in shame, and be tagged across the country.

British Gas are involved in fracking companies so move away from them if you can.  It’s hard if you already have a Smart Meter.  Smart Meters are most unhealthy, as it is, and it makes moving suppliers very expensive.  CENTRICA should also be targeted.  Move your account away from them.  Let them know why you’re moving your business.  Barclays too.  The fight is not over.  England is under threat, which puts 20 million people risk.

Ian calls on people in America to move their business, and Northern Ireland from sister businesses to the British frackers.  The British Government is weakening in its enthusiasm but it will take a public outcry across the whole country to drive this industry out permanently.  Join the @frackwar battle on the internet, or get down to the camps alongside the proposed developments in your area.

COURT CASE Northallerton tomorrow.  A frack worker in a truck deliberately ran over a protector riding a bike.


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