Anti-fracking angels suck the juice out of government’s enthusiasm for fracking

Ian Crane celebrates the contribution of women to the anti-fracking movement.  Around 75% of anti-fracking activists are women.  7 arrested in the last few days.  Two are just gratuitous accused of obstructing the highway, and one accused of obstructing a Police officer.  The effect is that while they are bailed and absent awaiting court, dozens of others have taken their place.

Questions in Parliament reveal, in the answers given, that the government has no idea as to how much waste will be generated  by fracking.  No idea where or how the waste is going to be treated.  No idea how many jobs will be created.  No idea how many jobs will be lost.  They admit to being clueless.  There is no fight visible on the government’s side to show any enthusiasm for fracking, which is the most toxic industry on the planet.   Keep pushing hard and the end might be in sight.

UKOG’s action to try to get an anti-fracking opposition injunction at the Royal Court Of Justice last week has proved a spectacular own goal as the people of the South East are at last awake as to what is going on on their doorsteps.  Previously it was seen as a problem for Northerners only.

The increasing number of people blogging and vlogging will wipe out all support for fracking in government, giving talks, writing letters to MPs, as more and more politicians are starting to wobble on fracking in England.  It’s been banned in Scotland, Wales and NI so why not the rest of the UK?


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  1. Tapestry says:

    Appropriately the Police dress in yellow, the colour of cowardice. If fracking is ended in the UK as we hope it will be, the anti-fracking movement can gear up a notch into the anti-war movement.

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