Anna Soubry : Ghastly €U Bimbo

“Trump is just ghastly…”
Anna Soubry 36 mins 20 secs in…
You Anna Soubry are ghastly; a bimbo; a bully; a sexist; a misogynist; a racist toward orange skinned people; a cultural Marxist and a traitor to the British public. Is it your French background that clings to the €U? If you are permitted to throw slurs and insults about, why can’t I?

I frequently hear the prejudice name calling toward the likes of Trump, Farage and Marine La Pen from those who pretend to oppose prejudice. Yet, we have to stomach the politically right-on being offended at words such as ‘women’ and demanding we adhere to acceptable words such as ‘person’. Why is name calling by some acceptable and of others not? Imagine if some one called Obama Marmite Face as BBC’s Jeremy Paxman called Trump Marmalade Face.

I am bored of this name calling. I have been on the receiving end of inference that I support fascism, isolationism, racism, sexism etc… because I voted for UKIP, Brexit and backed Trump. I also voted for Corbyn’s Labour party; because he was so belittled by the establishment, has been a long term €uro-sceptic and his brother Piers knows anthropological climate change is a scam…. am I a Communist to boot? Of course, I do not blindly support Corbyn anymore than I do Trump.

We officially voted 52% to Leave Anna. I was very clear when voting and if you and your like do not respect and support a clear and proper Brexit, I suspect there will be trouble at mill.

I see you Anna have reacted to criticisms aimed at you, yet you still persist in nasty name calling on prime time BBC radio shows. What goes around comes around Anna?
Anna Soubry receives messages calling for her to be hanged as a traitor:

You can be sure if Remain had won 52% the likes of Anna Sodbury would be bemoaning those not accepting the result.

Anyway, I heard you make your Trump slur and post this in response to be on the internet for ever and a day.

The BBC programme notes:
Anna Soubry, Barry Gardiner, Fraser Nelson, Brendan O’Neill
Any Questions?
Jonathan Dimbleby presents political debate from the Radio Theatre at Broadcasting House London with the Shadow Secretary of State for International Development Barry Gardiner MP, the editor of “The Spectator” magazine Fraser Nelson, the editor of the online magazine “Spiked” Brendan O’Neill, and the Conservative MP Anna Soubry.
Together they discussed snow disruption, Brexit and the Northern Irish border, “commoners” being invited to the forthcoming Royal Wedding, whether trade wars are ever good?, and possible renationalisation of public services.


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  1. Tapestry says:

    The 52% admitted defeat of Remain was in fact nearer 75%. The reality of EU unpopularity in Britain will never be admitted. The rest of Europe is catching up fast, but will we in the UK simply be cast aboard a collapsing US as the alternative? As both the EU and the US are on a downward spiral, will it make much difference which camp we are locked inside of? Freedom is the idea and so far there is little sign it’s even on the menu. That said we have to try. Brexit might give us a chance if the people would wake up to the totalitarian state closing in, in time.

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