Abos in Northern Territory told – we’re gonna frack you



Abos in Northern Territory told – we’re gonna frack you.

A state six times the size of the UK with a population the size of Ipswich is being targeted by the unconventional gas industry.

Another policy of the corporatists – ‘Those abos who haven’t adopted to our way of life (i.e. who are not wage slaves) should be sterilised.  Jobs could be put at risk by fracking, is admitted.


In other Australian areas, gas exploration drove up rental rates so high all the locals moved out.  Business owners borrowed heavily to expand restaurants and other forms of service.  Three years later, the industry moved out, and they all went bust.  The place is now a ghost town.

The Australian population should be the wealthiest country in the world, but they’re not.  Thirty times the area of the UK they have a population one third of the UK.  The problem is their debts, and they have to comply with the requirements of the corporatocracy/central bankers.

Once a country’s debt goes about 100% of GDP, it’s pretty much a journey of no return, and a drift to bankruptcy.  The corporatocracy wants to get its hands on the lot, clean the place out – and that’s not just the abos, but everyone’s property and resources.

The people is Queensland in the gasfields have seen their lives destroyed – some by suicide, many more by increased toxicity in their environment.  Ian is trying to help the folks over there develop their own anti-fracking campaigns to put pressure on the politicians.

5G and Sheffield tree-felling.

Some people can’t take it in how great the threat to their lives and freedom is, and just want to bury their heads in the sand.  While others have got the case of what is going on, and are gearing up to challenge the Sheffield Council/corporate agenda.

Take it gently to begin with, says Ian, if you’re finding it hard to take in the magnitude of the corruption in the corporatocracy, and the power they exercise.  The desire to set up a Telecom network which will control humanity’s every step through 5G and the internet of things, is what it’s all about.  The trees reduce the effectiveness of the signal.  The threat to our freedom and existence as human beings long term could not be greater.

At end tape/livestream still runs, and Ian starts talking colloquial unaware he’s still being recorded.

This talk is real!


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