5G technology designed to kill off humanity

The infrastructure for mobile technology is the death knell for humanity.  No one’s regulating the towers.  They’re going to affect the oxygen molecules, which you breathe, making it hard to absorb enough of it into your body.  Also your body will find it hard to produce Vitamin D from sunlight, your skin and your eyes.

The bottom line is that 5G is a microwave weapon.  Trees block it.  Paints can block it.  Different window types can block it.  If it gets through it will create symptoms as they found in schools where it was tested – paralylis, heart arhythmia, multiple different ailments.   Behind that they will roll out vaccines, and try to establish new illness types.

They are putting microwaves into buses, planes, trains, cars.  Schools, shops everywhere humans are – high density housing, high rise housing.  Ger ready to defend yourselves.  Fight to keep your trees.  Theycould save your lives.


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