UKC: The People’s Inquiry Into Child Abuse

Brian Gerrish is the keynote speaker today, Saturday at
Brian submits polite, persistent, to the point letters and e-mails to scared recipients week in week out. They get scared because Brian seeks the truth in a calm, disarming manner and his leads of enquiry frequently ruffle the feathers of persons who know they stand on dodgy ground. This movement in Scotland to uncover the violation of children will have Westminster in squeaky bum mode. This is mentioned at the end of this episode of UKC, but is perhaps the most significant part of another excellent show. The BBC continue to be a joke while the UKC do a superior job of news and information dissemination week in week out.

UKC chat box…
Brian’s in Scotland!
Trump to meet Kim Jong-un…. Mirror headline “On Brink Of New War”
Russian spy: Military deployed after poisoning.
Brian: Trump trying to do the right thing.
Liam Fox brands Trump’s tariffs as absurd.
UKC chat box: Total BBC hysteria against Russia .. judge and jury not needed, they did away with all that…
Poland: American-Jewish community upset with holocaust law
Brian: most Tory MP’s unaware of no exit with Brexit.
UKC chat box: some nice sponsors of HALO @ergyng
HALO TRUST – limited company – based nr Dumfries – director was Cindy McCain – wife of the devil:
@ergyn – nice income too
Many devolution deals funded by EU, many have collapsed.
redhand:@ergyn: Russians have just indicated they will not save Nagorno-Karabakh if Azerbaijan invades.
The LGA promote this stuff quite actively.
the Continental Model – Mayors control everything at the local level – budgets, hiring & firing
Who in Scotland in their right mind wants to remain under a fake German monarchy and a Westminster regime???
Corbyn Scotland?
Another charity report
Why now pressure on NGO’s?
A charitable purpose is now define as
Bristol airport notice: counter terrorism policing: police have powers over the public
Interestingly there were stories of people being stopped and not allowed to fly until TV Licence fines had been paid last year.
Brian: policing is by consent
“Fear it’s the oldest tool of power, if your distracted by fear of those around you, it keeps you from seeing the actions of those above”.
MI5 training Police Scotland
The only structural thing that MI5 would need to train police forces in is electronic and personal surveillance.
Brian is in Scotland for The People’s Inquiry Into Child Abuse… and they can’t possibility do a worse job than the Westminster inquiry.

Published on 9 Mar 2018
Mike Robinson, Brian Gerrish and David Scott with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Daily Mirror fake news: Trump – Kim Jong-un meeting ‘could mean war’
03:56 – Trump’s steel tariff: a bargaining chip to pressure EU on NATO payments
09:00 – Poland: new holocaust law creates furore – free speech under attack again
12:30 – Brexit: Boris – pay more to EU before we ‘leave’…£3.5bn extra in total
16:14 – EU regionalisation policy: the complete break up of the UK
22:54 – EU: Throw a dog a bone and it just wants a bigger bone…
23:57 – Brexit: driving a second Scottish independence referendum Trying to create a toxic brand – Britishness and the British nation
25:47 – SNP uses Brexit showdown with Holyrood as ‘dry run’ for 2nd referendum
28:22 – Labour on cusp of winning 20 more seats in Scotland and the next election
30:18 – Gatestone Institute: Britain’s massive charity scam – perfect timing…?
35:20 – Bristol airport: spreading the terrorism fear or aimed directly at the public…?
39:00 – UK Column email to Independent Office for Police Conduct: updates
42:40 – MI5 training Police Scotland but hidden from public view
43:59 – Emma Caldwell murder: police whistleblower told to withhold evidence…
47:00 – Fresh Start Foundation conference: people’s inquiry into child sexual abuse
47:44 – Scottish schoolgirl assaulted by staff in North Lanarkshire: media ignore it


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