Why does the Environment Agency support fracking? Anyone have any idea?

[fbvideo link=”” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]We’re in a meeting with the Environment Agency this morning.  They called it and it’s a meeting between us, the neighbouring farmer who variously pollutes and steals our water, and the EA who presumably want all this to just go away.  They gave him the go ahead to do major water works on his farm which was based on him not informing the EA that we, the neighbours, have water rights on his land.  In fact Natural England gave the grant for the works.  I can’T believe they were told their investment money was being used to steal the neighbouring farm’s water supply.

The EA in turn failed to insist on the plan being put through the Council and so we never had any opportunity to see the plans before they were actioned.  The Council too just want this to away, and they don’t want to get into the business of criticising the EA.  – the ea claim there is no need to get planning pemission for taking your neighbour’s water.

In any case, none of them can put things right without the cooperation of the farmer, which is something that seems unlikely as he rarely speaks and never replies to correspondence.

They all want the situation i.e. me to go away and be silent.  But it won’t be going away.

This is now a longterm problem for us lacking our water, and we are seeing moves to take yet more of our water from a spring we own the rights to.

If nothing else I can let the community know what is going on as events unfold.  Owen Paterson MP wrote to the head of the EA, and they tried a fob-off to begin with after carefully taking months not to reply.  But through the Rt Hon Owen Paterson’s ongoing support we now have a meeting.

I don’t know what to expect, how optimistic or pessimistic to be.  It’s all down to other people.  Do they want this to carry on, or do they want to sort it out, which could be done easily enough if there is a will.  By putting the elbow back in the tank which used to set the height at which water flowed out, the flow would resume as it was.

One question which leaps to mind – this farmer is the fracking farmer who applied to have a drill pad just over our hedge and on top of our water supply.  The question is this –

‘Why does Owen Paterson still support fracking?’

‘Why do the EA not object to fracking?’

Even the farmer realised his mistake in time, and saved himself and us from living in gasfield, along with a campaign from the whole community.  The government has appointed a special committee to review the possibilities of enforcing fracking where Councils are in opposition.  Thankfully Shropshire Council did not approve of any fracking, despite the waiver granted to the frackers by the EA.  If they are as bothered by pollution as they claim, that waiver was a gross denial of their claim.

You don’t live in a gas field, by the way.  You die in one.  The EA don’t mind if people die in the countryside is all we can deduce from their actions.  Adding more life-threatening pollution to the same rivers they want cattle and pig manure removing from shows what their true agenda is…and that agenda is not to maintain the current population of human beings especially in the countryside.

Thanks, guys.

I will have to act dumb (not hard for me!) in the meeting and pretend all these hardened criminal minds are simply super charming people while we sit down together today – for two long hours.   Here is how they intend to kill us all whenever they can get past all the political obstacles we can erect in their way.

As for my water supply, the farmer is really only battling himself in the end of the day.  Clearly that’s a fight he can never win!  I’m opting for the quiet life, and drive in and out the other way now.   I wish him all the best, and hope that his list of victims doesn’t grow any bigger than it already has.  At least he stopped the fracking, and for that we should always be grateful.

The Environment Agency simply refuses to answer questions about the subject.  Genocide is fine by them.



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