Why are frackers being told to drill to 45,000 feet?

Asks Ian Crane, the Robin Hood of the anti-fracking campaign.  Living in camps alongside woodland and in fields, he organises his Merrie Men and Women, and fires his electronic truth weaponry at the goons sent by the Sheriff of Frackingham to arrest them.   The Sheriff plans to destroy the lands of the peasantry and kill them too, to increase his hoard of silver and gold, while he enjoys the full support of The Prime Poisoner in London, Treason May.

One thing, however, doesn’t make any sense, says Robin.

Why are the frackers being told they must drill down to 45,000 feet?  That’s way below the level of the gas the Sheriff wants to release.  Aha! thinks Robin.  They must have another plan in addition to releasing deadly methane into the air, soil and water, and using toxic chemicals to dissolve all the rocks.  What could that other plan be?

Would the Sheriff want to put landfill rubbish down a bit deeper and out of sight?  Or have secret inaccessible places to hide his growing horde of silver and gold?

That doesn’t make any sense either.  There has to be some other explanation.

Could it just possibly be that The Prime Poisoner has decided to bury her most toxic poisons down at that depth – the feared and loathed nuclear contamination, from her Stations of Power?  There would be no cancer clusters for people to worry about if everyone got cancer over a wide area would there?

That seems to be a lot nearer the mark, especially as the Prime Poisoner is offering large bags of silver coins to peasants willing to have this poison dumped in their village.  Robin Hood is right to be telling the people of Sherwood and its environs that they are being targeted by these deadly and devious schemes.  The Prime Poisoner is a danger to the people of this land, and must be stopped.

Her Minstrels and playwrites are propagating lies as to the safety of her poisons, even stating that the Queen is releasing these poisonous gases in her garden with no apparent harm.  This is done to deceive the peasants into not opposing the destruction of their lands.  No one should trust these hirelings and their lies.





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