Who is Femidom Oluwole?

Another young student type anti-Brexiteer pretending to be an organic independent, but seemingly supported by the establishment once a little background analysis is undertaken… it’s so boring the way the pro-€U camp keep this nonsense up.

Govt hearing questions Oxfam
Brian: will muddy the waters of child abuse inquiry

The Bad News app! The Stimulation Fund For Journalism… a Dutch Govt project.
Hate crime:
Stop Brexit:
Femi Oluwole: oh dear, another twerp. Femidom!

Another day, another fake news story in The Guardian about Syria.

Gavin for PM!

Gerard Batten on LBC
Brian: no substance.

Corbyn: politicians serving finance sector.

Published on 20 Feb 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.


START – Oxfam under questioning over abuse…Haiti witnesses threatened
05:17 – NSPCC: Child sex offence recorded on average every 8 minutes in UK
08:08 – NCA: Operation Stovewood – man found guilty of raping teenage girl
09:23 – UK Column article: The Rotherham Common Purpose Effect
12:08 – Bad News app: the latest ‘fake news’ identifier…who’s behind it…?
14:35 – Brexit: Guardian – Lord Adonis launches his drive to reverse Brexit…
15:46 – Who is Femi Oluwole (linked to in Guardian article)…?
24:38 – Syria: Guardian fake news – ramping up the lies and propaganda
26:30 – Forces Network: Exercise Toxic Dagger (part one) underway…
28:50 – Fake news: Gavin Williamson – new Tory leadership challenge…?
33:20 – Brexit: UKIP interim leader Gerard Batten interviewed by LBC
41:22 – Jeremy Corbyn: for a generation…politicians have served finance
43:37 – Apocalypse now: London’s property crash


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