We’re In The €U-UK Army Now!

It is utterly perplexing that the UK Column report on aspects of e.g. Brexit and Syria, which the BBC totally ignore. It is deception and dereliction of duty by the BBC to the taxpaying UK public. Then again, the UK and beyond all have a chance to access the UK Column news.

Council housing

Gavin the assassin… Combat Air Strategy
Merger of €uropean defense companies continues.

Corruption perception index. UK joint 8th in rankings.
Mike: “We see this fantastic improvement in the UK in fighting corruption, don’t we?”
Brian: “No!”

Brexit. Senior counter-fraud experts meet at the first ever International Public Sector Fraud Symposium in London.

Syria. Mike pleasantly surprised at Independent article by Robert Fisk:

Russia…. of course.

Saakashvili banned from Ukraine

A Fake News channel for young people in Holland? Strange.

Sweden turning into Communist police state.

Hungarian immigration policy

Florida pornography health issue?

Published on 22 Feb 2018
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s UK Column News.

START – Government to privatise housing associations to wipe state debt…
04:08 – Minister of War: new Combat Air Strategy because…Russia
07:10 – Munich: US deep state wants EU military union ASAP…why…?
12:36 – Telegraph fake news: sowing discord between British armed services
14:18 – Melrose company (asset strippers…?) – who are they…?
16:04 – Jeremy Corbyn vows to curb City of London powers
17:22 – Corruption Perceptions Index 2017: UK gains one point…
19:28 – EC guidelines: dictating the Brexit rules – British justice under threat
26:41 – Syria: Robert Fisk article – real news at last from the Independent
31:00 – Spring mayhem arising in West Africa – terrorist attacks
33:15 – Ukraine: Saakashvili banned from country for three years
35:37 – New ‘charity’ Dutch news channel promises fake news
37:54 – Dutch government is funding more fake news…
40:21 – Allie Hodgkins-Brown: can’t see the wood for the trees
41:17 – Sweden: harbinger of globalist rule…communism on the horizon
42:54 – Westphalian Order is falling apart in Europe
44:05 – Global democratic destabilisation: who’s paying the piper…?
45:30 – Pornography & drugs: some Western authorities sounding the alarm


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