Very odd – CNN witness caught rehearsing his lines.

My question with this – How on earth did this video ever get out? Someone at CNN is onto something and hates the program, this type of footage does not get out unless someone is pissed. In my opinion, it would not prove the witness is lying, until it got released like this, there’s no freaking way this got approved, someone wants the story BUSTED.

This is the normal .3gp format I have always posted, right click to save, this is a really damning piece of video. HOW ON EARTH did this ever get out?

Ha ha ha, if this kid was speaking about something that actually happened, he would not be tripping all over his sh*t, he’d just recall it from memory and say it outright. A drill? with police firing blanks? You mean, like what he said clearly in the other video, without slipping and stammering? YOU BET

Ok, so that video was cool, right? this is better.

He was at CNN headquarters right before the shooting, was probably never at the shooting, and probably said it all from CNN fakery headquarters!!! Son of an FBI agent? THAT FITS!!!!

The Parkland School Shooting exposes turf war between DHS and CIA


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  1. NPP says:


    The Bill Mitchell/Your Voice America crew seem to follow this Paine. The whole shooting story is so poorly covered by the BBC. They never ponder mind control, intel op, psychotic pharmaceuticals, possible influences … just gun control and George Clooney.

  2. Jasper says:

    It took me a while to find this but here is the live-at-the-time interview with Hogg, obviously well rehearsed by now and with a definite gun control theme. Looks like he’s got a future with CNN assuming CNN had a future, looks like they got a leaker in their midst. Fast forward to the 11 minute mark to see Hogg’s 4 minutes of propaganda.–U

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