UKC: Song Power… Are The White Helmets Circumcised?

Right at the end they report on a guy on youtube (Banjo Marla) ‘singing a hilarious song he made up about #Syria’s #WhiteHelmets’… I do not find it hilarious, but the ‘internets’ again serves up counter balance to the appalling propaganda by e.g. the BBC, and some bloke I’ve never heard of is getting shared because he is using ‘song’ and humour to highlight the disgusting revolting Boris Johnson supported White Helmets. Are they circumcised I ask; an in-joke for the UKC chat box. I could make a box joke too, but…

More of The Beast From The East
UKC chat box: Daily Maul said it was “the beast from the east”. If that’s so, we must be the pest from the west.
Breaking news: US climate scientists were shocked to discover that the Antarctic ice mass has grown hugely! They don’t know what to do
Earthquake fear
Be perpetually frightened!
CNN… North Korea sending chemical weapons to Syria.
1963 winter >>
Brexit… customs union or not?
Bundestag speech SCOLDING Merkel for THREATS to Britain prompts HUGE APPLAUSE…
Dublin governance become €U vassal voice.
UKC chat box: Cameron proved that you cannot negotiate a favourable deal with the EU. Why the hell is TM pussyfooting about?
Bong. Agenda 21. Penny Morduant… international development
Brian: The Hidden World Govt Installing Itself
UKC chat box: Chair of the Environment Agency is on the board of ShareAction NGO – priority is data sharing across public sector
Already done:…
“SCL Group provides data, analytics and strategy to governments and military organizations worldwide. For over 25 years, we have conducted behavioral change programs in over 60 countries & have been formally recognized for our work in defense & social change.”
Tracking the pulse of the people in real time.
Real Time Intelligence


Not left-right anymore. Open-Closed. Are you open to global future?
Your future is GREEN, PURPLE and DIVERSE
Femidom gets mentioned again.
Human Rights Council Geneva… Lord I Am Mad
Sergey Lavrov more sensible
Lavrov lives on earth. Lord IAmMad lives in global land
A number of people stood down from Jıhn Wedger investigation
If You Think It Report It… so we can ‘vanish’ it.
Sing along about White Helmets

A guy on youtube (Banjo Marla) singing a hilarious song he made up about #Syria’s #WhiteHelmets, the Al-Qaeda tied propaganda group who pose as impartial humanitarians when in fact their agenda is foreign assisted regime change. Must watch! Thanks @Tellyerwhat for the link.

Published on 28 Feb 2018
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s news update from the UK Column.
START – Frightening weather shocker…nothing out of the ordinary happens
01:20 – After ‘The Beast’…earthquakes next – the end of the World…?
03:25 – CNN fake news: North Korea sends chemical weapons to Syria…
04:44 – BBC: Media Action sacks six people over sexual misconduct
07:38 – Brexit: common regulatory area in Ireland Varadkar spends €5 million on Irish immigration spin unit
18:18 – Civil Society: who are Bond…? UK Column article: The Regionalisation Process
23:55 – Parliament: Cambridge Analytica questioned on fake news Who are SCL Group…?
27:59 – Public brainwashing in plain sight
30:25 – Global Future think tank: Openess = Opportunity
34:55 – English Common Law under threat from EU
36:40 – Human Rights Council meets…differing viewpoints
39:46 – Child abuse investigation: UK Column Emails the Home Office
44:57 – Home Office tweet: tell us about your abuse – we won’t lose your file
46:12 – And finally: Banjo Marla’s white helmets singalong


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