UK Child Violation Is Real Right Here Right Now

Under Theresa May the violation of children has been allowed to continue, whistle blower Melanie Shaw remains in solitary confinement without anyone understanding the formal charge and police whistle blower John Wedger is ignored. Matthew Handycock MP and all other MPs are apparently doing little to nothing. John Mann MP says on BBC Question Time he has been dealing with this matter for 4-5 years, but speak up John! I can’t hear you! Exactly what is it you have been doing?

Insight Vox: Brian Gerrish speaks to police child abuse whistle blower John Wedger
The government and its agencies are prepared to cover up child violation because the violators are too close to the seat of power.


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  1. emm jay says:

    Really good to see this hugely important info getting out there. And getting it out to people on a level playing field. This is the only way anything is ever going to change! How else can people know about and actively support people like Alan Wedger, Mike Veale, Melanie Shaw, Ian Crane and oh so many others when they are made invisible, silent, kept out of the eyes and ears and off the radar of Joe Public by the msm?

    Oh, and talking of being kept off the radar …

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