Treason May hit by faecal maelstrom

Today finds Robin Hood on a sunny hillside in the South of England,  not far from Leith Hill.  While his physical being is located down in the lower half of the country where he is dealing with important ‘business’, his heart, he says, is still very much back with the Merrie Men and Women in the north, the homeland of his campaigns to save the lands of the peasants, and drive away the threats to the Forest.

The Sheriff of Nottingham has declared that the mercenary army being deployed known as ISAG can invade the peaceful lands at Misson Springs without paying heed to the former condition his Councillors made, of not disturbing the rare species of birds which at this time of year are nesting alongside the intended battle zone.

The Sheriff can already visualise the gold he needs to settle his debts which are ballooning out of control , as his earlier catastrophic mistakes come home to roost – and the lies he told, when he invested in Carryo’Lyin and Crapita.   He cares nothing for rare species of bird and their chicks in springtime.  He wants yellow metal, and has no problem with destroying the people of Nottingham, of Lincoln and York, along with their lands, fauna and flora.

If this ISAG goes ahead and ignores the condition of the councillors to save the rare birds, Robin Hood says a faecal maelstrom will be released upon their heads.

The financial catastrophe the nation’s Sheriff and their cronies released with their lies over Carryo’Lyin’ and Crapita, falsifying claims as to assets, and debts, is unfolding.   The Merrie Men and Women are ready to bring yet more of these false corporations built on lies, crashing to the ground.

The manure will indeed be impacting the winnow.

The Merrie Men are thronging every day in bigger and bigger numbers to Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire, to Misson Springs in North Nottinghamshire, and to Preston New Rd in Lancashire to stand against the army of yellow bellies sent in by the Sheriffs.  They intend to see the king’s ministers’ money-making schemes collapse like a row of dominoes, until the First Lady Of The Treasury, Treason May, withdraws the mercenaries from the woodlands and forests, and informs the Sheriffs that she no longer backs the destruction of the kingdom in exchange for gold – a strange trade from the onset, now clearly a serious error of judgment which her reputation will not survive.

As Robin Hood says, we’re replying to gas attack with shit storm, while the fabric and authority of the government continues to unravel.

The former Minister Paterson who began the fracking ‘land destroyed for gold’ fiasco, is lying in hospital his back broken by a fall from his horse.   Perhaps now he can dwell on his misfortune, and in contemplation start to see the error of his ways, and repent.  Maybe he can turn May away from her Treason against the people of the North of England.  Until that happens the Merrie Men will continue their exposure of the Sheriffs’ slime, and save Englande from occupation by corrupt and bankrupt foreign corporations.


MPs to investigate whether to take decisions on fracking plans out of local control



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