The Prime Poisoner supports Dr Evil’s scheme to kill millions and make billions

One man threatens the health and survival of millions of Britons.  He skulks around out of sight on a luxury boat, which cost over £100 million, while his paid lackeys jet around handing out favours to corrupted Police, judges and other government agents, arranging for illness and death to become the lot of ordinary people across the North of England.  It’s all for greed and the accumulation of gold.

Woahaha!   Woahahahahaha!

Jim ‘The Rat’ Ratcliffe is his name.  INEO$ his chosen vehicle to slaughter his fellow countrymen with chemical weaponry.





Treason May, The Prime Poisoner, knows Jim ‘The Rat’ Ratcliffe.  She likes his idea of making $1 trillion profit by making millions of people sick,  and rendering the countryside uninhabitable.  The payoff for the corrupt will be massive.


The Prime Poisoner is rushing to get her share of the loot.

The Guardian wrote –

Theresa May rewrites the rules so that private individuals will directly benefit.
(The details of the plans show the chances of local people getting anything are infinitesimal)


TAP – Nice idea Prime Poisoner, but all the drilling companies are bankrupt and will sell back to their parents like Barclays Bank for next to nothing.  There will never be a pay-off.  Since last year the government no longer talks about local communities sharing in the pay-offs.  It’s a lie.  All the loot will go to your friend The Rat and those whose palms he greases.  The people in the villages will get sick and die in droves, just as they are doing in Southern Queensland.  The Rat and Poison know what they’re doing, but have no hesitation.  They love the idea of getting their hands on the loot so much….both hiding in the shadows.

See Voices From The Gasfields – below.

Jim ‘The Rat’ Ratcliffe

A British Geological Survey study of shale gas across northern England estimated a shale gas resource of 1,300 trillion cubic feet. This compares with the current UK annual gas consumption of around 2.5 trillion cubic feet.  (In fact none of it is economically recoverable, but mug shareholders and politicians can be sold on this fairytale.)

Last month, it emerged that Ineos, the $50bn petrochemical giant run by British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe, aims to accelerate shale gas development by lodging up to 30 planning applications in the UK in the coming months. It hopes to start drilling in the north early next year and is expected to begin extracting gas in about 18 months.

  See the medical reports of mass casualties from the Gasfields in The Darling Valley.

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