Don’t waste your money Jim. Barclay’s Third Energy is a dead dog.

There seems little doubt that Barclays want out of Third Energy, but no one wants the liability of carrying the loss-making entity.  TE is  Barclays’ fracking dog operation with nothing but losses and grief to look forward to for potential buyers.  This weekend there were tagabarclays @frackwar attacks on Barclays branches at Scarborough, Shrewsbury and Newport, Isle of Wight.  With Momentum, the people who drove Corbyn into control of the Labour Party, taking an interest in @frackwar, Barclays can be sure of a lot more grief to come.

Will Ineos billionaire Jim Ratcliffe looking to buy up British fracking, financed by you guessed Barclays bank, maybe he’ll be the way for them to bury their dead.  But don’t bother, Jim, says Ian Crane.  You won’t get any gas out of the ground even if you are paid to take the dog off Barclays’ hands.  There will be many more millions of losses to come for whoever is mug enough to buy Barclays dog fracking operation.



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