The Prime Poisoner sending the country down the toilet

Robin Hood’s back in Nottinghamshire, heartland of his campaign to save the people from the destruction of their lands by the wealthy.   They want to drive the peasantry off their lands, and make them sick with poisons drilled into the ground.  The rich think that in this way they can become wealthier still, and they have persuaded The Prime Poisoner to support The Sheriff Of Frackingham in his quest for an even greater stash of gold.

Treason May, The Prime Poisoner

The result is chaos, as more and more people are awakening to the fact that, as a result of this devious and abominable plan, millions will be made sick, and thousands will die.

The Environment Agency is desperately trying to blag it.  They’re all over the place, preferring not to get involved.  They are ducking out and saying they don’t have the resources to research all the risks of the unconventional gas industry.  In other words, they know the score, but prefer to keep their jobs.

Four recent reports have gone against the industry saying the effects of fracking are negative, environmentally, and economically.  The one report presented to the cabinet was suppressed but Greenpeace managed to get hold of a copy.  It emphasised the collapse in property prices in the areas affected – that is the whole of the North of England.  Theresa may tried and failed to keep this report secret.

Four councils, two Labour and two Tory have recently gone against Frackingham and the drillers.

Reports are also coming in from Van Dieman’s Land of people dying from respiratory disease and thyroid problems.  These people were living in the Gasfields which were drilled continuously over the last twenty years. (The Darling Valley, Southern Queensland).  Does Theresa May not believe the doctors who are exposing this genocidal attack on Queenslanders?

See this local doctor’s report placed onto Youtube.

Come on Prime Poisoner, Robin says.  Stop giving confusing signals.  The tide is turning against Frackingham and his goons.  People everywhere are becoming aware of your support for his attempt to commit this abomination to Our green and pleasant land.

Tell us now.  Where do you stand?  No more nudge, nudge, wink, wink, but openly, clearly and right now.  Is the destruction of the North of England fine by you, or not?

Your recent silence has not gone unnoticed, as your minister Greg Clark has done the right thing in not giving any permissions to frack.  The companies being licensed to frack are financial dogs run beyond incompetents, well into dishonesty and crime.  Yet you still support them?


Why, asks Robin Hood (Ian R Crane) are the licence holders being told they have to drill to 45,000 feet?  That depth is way below the level of any shale.  It’s actually because there is yet another agenda.  They need deep dispersal wells for nuclear waste and other toxic wastes which they can’t dump anywhere else.   They want to leave the toxicity over a wide area of drills, so there wouldn’t be any identifiable cancer clusters.

Is the legacy of The Prime Poisoner  to be cancers for millions?  Apparently she doesn’t give a shit, and has in the past been in full support of this, talking only about money.  Yet now, when things are not going her way, and the truth about financial, physical and environmental malfeasance is getting out, she no longer has the courage to state what her position is, keeping silent, hoping to slide the industry past the growing opposition without anyone noticing.

It’s too late for that strategy.  It’s time to get off the pot, wipe your bum and take cover.  Robin’s aiming his bow right up your ass.  There’s a lot worse discomfort for you to come, if you keep wandering down the pathway of corruption, and dumping toxic wastes and chemicals on the people you are meant to be leading and protecting.

The human toll of fracking catalogued. Van Dieman’s Land, Australia.


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