The Prime Poisoner must stop the genocide of the North of England

Lance the surfer from Tinker Lane refused the bail conditions offered by the Police.  He’s still in custody and hopes to get his case into court tomorrow before a judge.  If he had accepted the release conditions, he would have been banned from attending anti-fracking sites, and would be out of the battle to bring fracking across all the UK to an end.  He’s entirely right that this entire abomination needs to be ended.  For a million different reasons.  Lance knows this to be true, but for some reason, our dear Prime Poisoner, still has not been able to come to the only sensible decision she can take, that is to abandon fracking of the UK permanently – urgently.

Where is Sir Humphrey when we need him?  If he cannot get the PP to consider this topic from any other angle, then just look at the billions being lost by ordinary investors, as the share prices of all the frackers crash. Look how all the CEOs and owners are one by one rushing for the exit and leaving the field.  Does this not tell her the real story?  This is a battle already lost that needs ending before further ruination is perpetrated.

Fracking shares are crashing.  UKOG lost £50 million off its market capitalisation just yesterday.  Mug punters are being creamed.   UKOG  and IGAS stock chat forums are waking up to the fact they’ve been sold a bum deal, and are ripping chunks out of each other in rage at their losses.  Click on and read the poor people shedding financial blood for having backed this dead end investment.  Those punters who are still in, should sell now, as within another year, these investors will be destitute.  And PLEASE don’t even think about investing at this late stage.  Learn the lesson of those who have gone before.  Likewise should Frau Poison be cognisant of the economic catastrophe her government is not dealing with.

Cuadrilla’s share price (AJ Lucas in Australia the owners) is at 20% of its former value.

Centrica was over £4, and is now £1.30 and falling.  Centrica is losing retail customers at the rate of 750,000 a year.  They’re issuing profits warnings.  Centrica are the primary investor in Cuadrilla.  Move your retail accounts away from Centrica.  Mug investors who are unlucky enough to be holding Centrica should sell now.

It’s not just the money they’ve wasted.

IGAS has failed to make good an old oil well they abandoned over eight years ago, leaching pollution.  They habitually abandon their old wells around the place, and have so far got away with it.  Shouldn’t they be forced to go back and make good?   Back in 2014, IGAS shares hit £1.50.   They are now at the equivalent of 4p.  What a total disaster financially they are as well as environmentally.

Look at a post on from November last year (2017).  Kirby Misperton at that point still looked like it might go ahead .   But Dan Levy was already writing and exposing UKOG, Angus Energy and the other liars, who promised billions of barrels of oil and gas, as hopeless dead ends as investments.  The whole thing is a scam as well as environmentally extremely dangerous.

The wheels are now falling off, and the lies starting to be exposed Carillion-style.   The CEOs and owners are now the proverbial rats leaving the sinking ships – in droves.  Even if fracking goes ahead (and it must not), it won’t be financially viable.  This is a total corporate scam.  The people pushing it, if they actually believe the nonsense they are saying, need taking away by the men in the white coats, says Levy.  The mug punters have been robbed by a farcical unviable investment, deliberately.  This must be stopped.

Greg Clark, Minister of Energy, has done the right thing to stand up to the scammers, and has said he cannot allow bankrupt/insolvent/badly managed companies to be given the go ahead to run these environmentally highly sensitive drill sites.  But the next question is now the elephant in the room.

Where is The Prime Poisoner?  

She’s losing control of Brexit.  She’s forcing more and more people into poverty,  and allowing the NHS to be dismantled.  Is she also going to keep running with this fracking nonsense, when it’s high time the whole thing was taken to the crematorium and incinerated.   The whole abomination needs bringing to an end for every single reason.  Yet she has fallen strangely silent.

This wasn’t originally The Prime Poisoner’s baby.  It was Cameron’s and Osborne’s, but she adopted it with enthusiasm (to begin with).  It should now be quietly taken to one side and shot.  To save the mug punters from more losses,  not to mention the people who will be made sick, and those who will die for the greed of the very few.


The manager of the Marriott Hotel in Chesterfield assaulted a fracking protector, and is in court tomorrow.  There has been violence from the Police, from those on the corporate payroll, but never from the peaceful anti-fracking army of protesters.

Stop the flow of poison, or what will happen otherwise….is beyond imagination –

The human toll of fracking catalogued. Van Dieman’s Land, Australia.


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