There are no serial killers

Neflix is now pushing Fake Serial Killers.

Netflix, owned by major investment groups Vanguard, Blackrock, and Capital, is now pushing serial killers on you via their new series Mindhunter. This series began last week, and its second episode concerns fake 1970s serial killer Ed Kemper, second above. If the word “fake” in that last sentence or in my title turned your head, you aren’t keeping up. You need to read my previous papers on Charles Manson, the Zodiac, Ted Bundy, Richard Cottingham, Ted Kaczynski, Son of Sam, the Night Stalker, etc. To make a long story short, all of them were faked and staged. They were and are actors and nothing more. None of it happened. The trials were faked and they were never in jail. There are no serial killers. If there were any real ones, they wouldn’t have to make up all these fake ones, would they?

by Miles Mathis

First published October 22, 2017

As usual, this is just my opinion, based on personal research.

After writing all those papers, I shouldn’t have to write this one. Compiling all the evidence of fakery, lies, and hoaxing in those other stories, you should already know there is no chance the story of Ed Kemper is true. But I will briefly touch on a few of the claims, since they fit the same fictional arc, with many of the same red flags. You just have to go down Kemper’s Wikipedia page, reading closely. The giveaways are toward the end, in the section entitled “imprisonment”. Like the others, Kemper has given many interviews with the mainstream press. In fact, these interviews are the basis for the Mindhunter episode on him, since they quote directly from at least one of them. But there is a game- ending problem with that, since level one prisoners like Kemper aren’t legally allowed such interviews. According to posted rules in all States, such dangerous prisoners are allowed to speak only to law enforcement, clergy, their attorneys, or blood relatives. You will understand why if you keep reading in that section at Wikipedia.

We are told that Kemper was being interviewed by Robert Ressler alone in his cell. Kemper allegedly said that he could screw off Ressler’s head and place it on the table to greet the guard, and there was nothing Ressler could do about it. If the scene had been real, that would have been true enough, which should make you doubt the entire story. Do you really think they are going to leave an unarmed interviewer in a cell alone with a serial killer? They end the story by telling us the FBI decided to change its rules after that, having interviewers work in pairs. But do you think that would solve the problem? Kemper was 6’9” and weighed 300 pounds. Do you think two squirrelly writers could fend him off with their pens and microphones? C’mon! This is the stupidest story ever told. It only makes sense when you realize it never happened.

Another reason convicted murderers aren’t allowed interviews is that the State doesn’t want them creating sympathy with readers or viewers, prejudicing the case against them or influencing any future parole panel. But that only applies to real murderers. It doesn’t apply to fake murderers, who need to get in the media as soon and as much as possible in order to propel their promoted events.

I remind you of the equally stupid interviews we have had to watch with other serial killers, including Manson. Remember the one with Geraldo, where Manson walks in wearing long hair and a beard— and no handcuffs—and proceeds to sit right next to Geraldo, knee to knee? There is only one guard in the room and he is twenty feet away not even paying attention. This is a guy who is supposed to have leapt across a courtroom at a judge, brandishing a sharp pencil. But Geraldo is just having a chuckle.

But let’s back up. Who is Robert Ressler? Well, he is another big red flag, since he was an Army major and an FBI agent, and he is the one who coined the term serial killer. Convenient, eh? Ressler was also Jewish, of course. Also see Tony Ressler, owner of the Atlanta Hawks, admitted to be Jewish. Robert worked on many serial killer cases, including Dahmer, Bundy, Chase and Joubert. These were all faked, so it looks like Ressler was the director of these stories. They were all manufactured to create fear, especially with women. So Ressler probably wrote the Ed Kemper story, which makes him one of the sickest, most twisted bastards to ever live. If there is a hell, he is surely burning in it.

Scan that last paragraph, and collate the surnames of those four alleged serial killers: Dahmer, Bundy, Chase, and Joubert. Didn’t it ever seem strange to you that all these serial killers have the surnames of very wealthy and prominent families? Remember Chase bank? How about McGeorge Bundy, one of the founders of the CIA? Barthelemy Joubert was one of Napoleon’s generals, and if you have read my paper on Napoleon, you know what that means: he was Jewish. But we could have told that just from the name. Say it outloud if you don’t get my point. And Dahmer, that is just a misspelling of Damer, as in the Earls of Dorchester, related again to the Churchills (see below). In the US, these spook Dahmers have been involved in hoaxes before Jeffrey Dahmer.

See Vernon Dahmer (above), who [may have been] only 1⁄4 black and looked completely white but who allegedly chose to pass for black in Mississippi, being head of the local NAACP in the 1960s. He was allegedly murdered by the KKK in 1966. Since the KKK was and is a group manufactured by Intelligence, we know the death was faked. KKK Imperial Wizard Sam Bowers was allegedly convicted of ordering the hit in 1998. You read that right. 32 years later. I guess the statute of limitations never runs out on faked murders.

To see the full state of this ridiculous fiction, you can go here for the story and genealogy of Vernon Dahmer. It includes this beaut of a “photograph”.

They are supposed to be the grandparents of Vernon Dahmer. You have to laugh. What was that “photograph” printed on, a corrugated cardboard box?

What about Imperial Wizard Sam Bowers? He was actually Samuel Holloway Bowers, from a wealthy family descended from Jacksons and Lees. His grandfather was a four-term US Congressman. He was also owner and editor of the local newspaper. But that’s not suspicious, is it? Samuel Bowers came out the navy, so best guess is he was Office of Naval Intelligence, working on this project. Remember, they admit that the American Nazi Party came out of ONI: officer George Lincoln Rockwell founded it. In 1964, as you will remember, three young Jewish social workers were allegedly murdered during Freedom Summer. This was all hoaxed as well. Bowers was convicted of their murders in 1967, but

served only eight years. Afterwards we are told he became a Sunday School teacher. What? What Sunday School would hire a rich and famous convicted murderer? And eight years for three murders? Why wasn’t he sentenced to three life terms? I guess because they needed the number eight in there. In truth, Bowers didn’t spend one second in jail. More proof of that comes from Bowers’ appearance in front of the House Un-AMerican Activities Committee in 1966. We have seen that HUAC was another smokescreen of Intelligence, and this just re-proves it. Why? Because in 1966 Bowers was allegedly in jail awaiting trial. He was convicted in 1967, remember? So why would HUAC call Bowers out of jail? They wouldn’t and didn’t. He was never in jail.

The mainstream sites can’t even keep their stories straight on Bowers. Wikipedia calls him Samuel Holloway Bowers, but tells us the Sam Bowers in these events was Samuel Kenneth Bowers, son of Samuel Holloway Bowers. More interesting are other famous Bowers, including Lloyd Wheaton Bowers, Solicitor General under Taft; and Lee Bowers, famous JFK assassination witness who testified to the Warren Commission. He was obviously a plant, since his testimony was both continually changing and continuously useful to the mainstream. He also came out of the Navy. Even his fake death in 1966 was used as a diversion, with many claiming he had been snuffed for some reason due to his testimony. This was done simply to create fear and confusion around the event: this is done in all similar events, with deaths faked to make people fear they will be taken out for asking questions. Also see Eilley Bowers, wife of Lemuel Sanford Bowers. They were silver miners who struck it rich in the Comstock Lode in Nevada. We are supposed to believe this was just a matter of luck, but my guess is Lemuel Bowers was already rich coming in and knew where to buy land. By the 1860s, they were among the wealthiest people in the West. Just as quickly, their wealth ran out, and Lemuel allegedly died at age 35 in 1868. I suspect another fake, and he probably ran off with their money. The given story makes no sense. They tell us the name Bowers comes from the English word “bower”, but that doesn’t look right. My guess is it is a respelling of the German Bauer, and that it links us to Bayer/Beyer. This would mean these people are Jewish. Bowers’ first name Lemuel also leads us in that direction, doesn’t it? So does Eilley’s other husband Alex Cowan, since Cowan is a variant of Cohen. So does the fact that there were famous actors named Bowers at the time, including David and Elizabeth Crocker Bowers. Crocker is also a Jewish surname, and as now most actors then were Jewish.

But for the biggest hijinx in serial killers, I send you again to my paper on Manson, where I recently showed he comes from the British peerage as well, both through the name Manson and through his middle name Milles. Remember, Charles Lindbergh’s real family name was Manson, so his real name was Charles Manson. James Earl Ray also comes from the peerage, and he is related to several American Presidents, including a close relationship to James Earl (Jimmy) Carter. Lee Harvey Oswald also descends from the British peerage, and I showed he is actually related to the Kennedys. Once you know these things, all the stories simply fall apart.

So let’s return to fake serial killer Ed Kemper. Another red flag is Kemper’s father Edmund Emil Kemper II, who not only was an officer in WWII, he continued to work for the military after the war, testing nukes in the Marshall Islands. Even better, we find his mother was a Dodge. Yes, Ed Kemper’s grandmother was Violet Dodge, linking us to that famous and wealthy family. Think of Mabel Dodge Luhan and her husband Edwin Dodge. These Dodges go back to Essex County, Massachusetts, which is of course. . . Salem. The Dodges married with the Rockefellers. See Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge, 1882-1973, daughter of W. A. Rockefeller, Jr. She married Marcellus Dodge, Sr., president of Remington Arms Company. Also see William Earl Dodge, one of the “merchant princes” of Wall Street just before the Civil War. His mother was a Cleveland.

How do I know Kemper’s grandmother Violet is linked to these people? Because Wikitree admits it. Her father is given there as Calvin H. Dodge (b. 1838), and she was born in Dodge City. Still think she isn’t a famous Dodge? Calvin is an old family name of the Dodges from Essex County. Dodge City was named for Maj. Gen. Grenville Mellen Dodge, who was General Grant’s Intelligence Chief during the Civil War. I bold his middle name because that also links us to the Mellons. Variant spelling, same people. William Earl Dodge above was also an accomplice of President Grant, privately funding the US Indian Commission in 1868. We are told he was a great champion of the Natives, but given that Dodge was the billionaire head of the Phelps-Dodge Mining Company, I think we know what he was after. Phelps-Dodge later became Freeport McMoRan, one of the most hated companies in the world.

Oh, and by the way, we saw the name Dodge in two of my recent papers on Mussolini and on the Bushes. What are the odds?

Ed Kemper is also a Roberts, a Ryker, a McClellan, and a Hughey (Hughes). His mother is given as Clarnell Stage, but she is otherwise scrubbed. I suspect that name has been fudged, and that it should be Stager. There was a General Anson Stager of the US Army after the Civil War, and his daughter Ellen married James Butler, the Marquess of Ormonde, in 1887. Ellen’s son, the 5th Marquess, married the daughter of a Spencer-Churchill. Her brother was the 8th Duke of Marlborough and her nephew was Winston Churchill. We saw the Churchills already above, didn’t we? How did this Ellen Stager manage that? Well, General Anson Stager was also the co-founder of Western Union and president of Western Electric Manufacturing Company, making him a billionaire in today’s dollars. Strangely, Stager’s wife is scrubbed at Wiki and Findagrave, and I suspect it is due to his connection to this Kemper fake. Finally, at an Ancestry board we find she was Rebecca Sprague, which may be a Jewish name.

Confirmation of my guessed link between Stage and Stager is found in the Geer ancestry at Rootsweb. There, we find our Clarnell Stage listed just three lines away from Ellen Stager. If we click on Clarnell Stage, we again find her scrubbed, with no parents listed. This indicates to me the “r” was dropped from her name and her genealogy scrubbed, to prevent the analysis I am doing.

Curiously, this is not the only hoax the Stagers have been involved in. See Barbara Stager, convicted of murdering her second husband in 1989. She is also suspected of murdering her first husband, Larry Ford. That’s an interesting “coincidence”, since the Fords are related to all these families, including the Dodges. Anyway, I encourage you to study the Wiki page for this Stager murder, especially the main section which is entitled “Staging Murder”. Not Stager Murder, but Staging Murder. Freudian slip, right? A&E profiled the case on its TV series “American Justice”.

We have seen the Dodges linked to Kansas. Well, the famous Kempers are as well. They never link Ed Kemper to the well-known Kemper family, but of course he is, and we can tell that from his Dodge link. See for example William Thornton Kemper, Sr., of nearby Kansas City. He was the biggest banker in the midwest around the turn of the century (1900). He was also involved in the railroads. William Kemper is the 2g-grandfather of actress Ellie Kemper and writer Carrie Kemper. I would guess he is also an ancestor of actor Ed Kemper.

And do you want to hear another amazing “coincidence”? Ellie Kemper recently starred in “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, a sitcom created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock that has streamed since 2015 on. . . Netflix.

But back to banker William Kemper. His son James Madison Kemper married a woman named Gladys Ruby. He also married her sister Ruth Woods Ruby. Both are scrubbed, but that may link us to Jack Ruby. With Ruth, this Kemper had a stepdaughter named Julia, and she married Josiah Wright Whitney IV. This of course links us to the prominent Whitneys, who also go back to Salem. But this Julia also married Charles Edward MacArthur, Jr., which links us to General Douglas MacArthur.

It is also worth looking at Hollywood director Victor Kemper, whose mother was a Freedman. Both facts indicate he is Jewish. It may also interest you to know he worked extensively with director Arthur Hiller. Hiller is admitted to be Jewish, and of course this links us back to my paper on Hitler’s genealogy.

A current descendant of the Kemper bankers of Kansas City is Sandy Kemper, CEO of UMB Bank. He is also involved in promoting Modern Art, via his Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and via the Collectors Fund. So he is a huge phony, doing his best to destroy art history and replace it with these non-art money-laundering fronts.

Also see Joan Melchior Kemper, a Dutch noble from around 1800 who helped establish the United Netherlands. That middle name is yet another clue that we are dealing with crypto-Jews again here.

Also see James Scott Kemper, founder of Kemper Insurance. According to the timeline at Wiki, Kemper Insurance didn’t exist before 1990, but of course we know that isn’t true. Wiki also has no page for this Kemper, although he was a prominent billionaire. These Kempers are related to Spencers, Scotts, Wolfs, Rices, Bartletts and Lowes, linking to many of the big families of my previous papers as well as to the British peerage.

But back to fake serial killer Ed Kemper’s bio. We are told that after murdering his grandparents at age 15, Kemper was sent to the State Hospital. Although court psychiatrists had deemed him insane, strangely enough psychiatrists who interviewed him in hospital found nothing wrong with him. He also tested 145 IQ. I suggest these psychiatrists may not have been aware of the fake, and were not aware Kemper was just brought in from the outside for these interviews. Obviously, he was not really incarcerated, and like Manson now, he just drove in occasionally for interviews and photo ops.

As more indication of that, we find him simply released to his mother on his 21st birthday. This despite that in interviews he had told everyone she was the main problem. The mainstream bios admit that, so it makes absolutely no sense on any level. Kemper’s juvenile record was expunged, which means he currently has no conviction listed for those two alleged murders. Another clue comes quickly, when we are told his mother had remarried to a man named Strandberg. That’s Jewish, a variation of Strindberg.

Next, Kemper applied to be a California State Trooper, but was refused due to his height. Not due to murdering his grandparents, mind you, but due to his height. Nonetheless, he made friends with many state troopers and hung out with them at their local watering hole. I guess these local cops didn’t read the papers: they didn’t realize they were drinking with a famous murderer. Due to these contacts, Kemper was soon hired at the State Highway Dept. (CalTrans). Really? His juvenile record was expunged to the extent it was no business of CalTrans that they were hiring a multiple murderer? He also became engaged to a 16-year-old, we are told. I guess California didn’t have any underage laws back then, either, right? It was OK for murderers to date 16-year-olds in 1970. The State couldn’t interfere in Kemper’s future happiness with any murder records. That wouldn’t be fair, I guess.

Interesting that Kemper’s first alleged victims were picked up in Berkeley. Berkeley is a spook center, as we know. It should be renamed Hearst University, and the Hearsts have been involved in many hoaxes, including the Maine false flag and the fake kidnapping of Patty Hearst. The names of these first victims were Pesce and Luchessa. Their bodies were never found. My guess is they never existed. Same for Aiko Koo, his third victim. What an obvious fake name! It is just a play on “haiku”. This story was told at the time by writer Hugh Stephens of Inside Detective. We saw him in my paper on the Zodiac. These were called “True Crime” stories, but as it turns out they were False Crime underwritten by the government. This magazine, like many or most others, was an FBI or CIA front, manufactured to create fear and chaos.

So, add Netflix to your boycott list. And remember, nothing you are told about serial killers is true. It is simply another long-running project of your sick and twisted governors.


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