The USA gymnastics fracas is fake


For more theatrical shenanigans, we find the big story about one of the fathers attacking Nassar in court. I encourage you to watch it, since it is entertaining if nothing else. However, it is not in the least believable, for many reasons. One, we see Nassar’s attorney face him down at the table. That is highly unlikely, seeing that the guy, Randall Margraves, is about 6’4” and 230 lbs. Fortunately for Nassar, his attorney turns out to be a young guy who is also very large. He looks like a UFC heavyweight in a suit. What are the odds?

Does that guy look like an attorney to you? No, you can almost see his muscles through his sportcoat. He looks military. Also convenient is that although Margraves seems very angry, he makes no effort to go around the table, simply running up to it and quitting. The guards also seem prepared for the event, since they are chasing him as soon as he takes his first step. They actually beat him to the table.

The other problem is that Nassar’s attorney of record is Shannon Smith, and you can just see the top of her head in the lower left corner of that photo. So it is not clear who muscle-attorney is. But you should find it amusing that Smith doesn’t seem too concerned by this bull rush on her table. She is still sitting there calmly at this point, as at least six guys crash into the defense table. She doesn’t even think of getting up until the table itself starts to tip over.

Why I think the whole USA Gymnastics Fracas is Fake

by Miles Mathis

As usual, this is just my opinion, based on internet research anyone can do.

In case you don’t know, a doctor for the US Gymnastics Team has recently been sentenced to 175 years in jail for molesting young female gymnasts. As terrible as that sounds, there is a very good possibility it isn’t true. Why do I say that? Well, because the reports of the trial of this Larry Nassar don’t make any sense. My first clue was this quote from the judge at his sentencing:

I’ve just signed your death warrant.

This Judge Rosemarie Aquilina also said “I wouldn’t send my dogs to you, sir”.

That all sounds like theater, since real judges don’t talk like that. They actually aren’t allowed to, and if she had said that at the end of a real trial, she could be removed from her seat and disbarred. Talk like that from a sentencing judge is cause for an appeal, which is why real judges don’t say things like that. They don’t want to give an appeals court reason to find bias. But a statement like the first one is way over the top, since it isn’t even true. When I first read the headlines, I thought, “Oh my God, she gave this guy the death penalty!” That is what the words mean, after all. But if we read closer, she didn’t sign his death warrant at all. She allegedly put him away for life, but that is completely different.

And if you think the 175 years also seems like theater, you aren’t alone. It is unprecedented, and that is admitted in the accompanying literature. For example, go to the Wikipedia page for this case and you will find a long backstory, which includes previous offenders in gymnastics. One of these is former coach James Bell, convicted of molesting three gynmasts in 2003. He is allegedly serving 8 years. Note that is 8 years, not 175 years. You will say 8 years in jail is nothing. But go spend a month in jail and then get back to me.

I could have started this paper by saying I suspected this trial was fake simply because everything else

we have looked at closely has turned out to be fake. Nothing in the news now rings true, and all of it looks like it is being manufactured in Hollywood studios to push some agenda or another. We have seen thousands of agents and actors manufacturing events over many decades or centuries. So the odds were pretty good coming in this one was also manufactured. However, my readers know that I don’t make idle claims based on a hunch. I research each event and compile a lot of evidence.

The second clue we have is that this story broke at the same time as all the other sexual assault cases. The news has been littered with such stories over the past year, and it seems like every famous man in the world is being accused of misconduct. Many are resigning their positions based only on accusations. All this is very fishy, as I showed most recently in my paper on Harvey Weinstein. It has all the earmarks of another big project. The Me Too movement is just the most transparent arm of the project, obviously being backed by big money and pushed by the mainstream media itself—which is of course owned and run by Intelligence. Hollywood’s prominent role in this is also a red flag, since I have shown it is simply another arm of the CIA, and has been since its founding.

In my opinion, this project isn’t being promoted to protect women from men. It is being promoted to split the sexes further, making women distrust men even more than they already do. The project is long, and this is only the latest version of it. And why are the sexes being split? Several reasons, but the central one is financial. The industrialists figured out long ago that single people spend far more money than couples, especially if the single people are sexually repressed and miserable. There is a multi-billion dollar market in anti-depressants to start with, and if people aren’t depressed enough they can be made so. Splitting the sexes is the number one method of creating that misery, since the only better way to make people miserable would be to take away their food. The industrialists also have a lot of junk food to sell, so that won’t work. But it isn’t just anti-depressants. Miserable single people spend far more on compensating products, like comfort food, clothes, make-up, toiletries, drugs, gym memberships, hair treatments, facelifts, cosmetic dentistry, massages, therapy, porn, and on and on. The sexes are also being split for other reasons, perhaps the most important of which is the complete de-masculating and detoothing of men. Taking away the wives and lovers of men, and making men the target of societal hatred, censure, and distrust, is a planned and so-far successful method of destroying them. And why would the industrialists wish to do that? Because any potential revolution would come from men. Men have almost all the testosterone, and so the more the governors fear revolution the more they will try to destroy the motivation, ambition, and energy of men.

So keep that in mind as we proceed. If you are a new reader of mine, you also need to first read my recent paper on the Academy-Award-winning film Spotlight, and the events that led to that film. That was about the priest scandals in Boston, in case you forgot. Anyway, I showed a lot of evidence that whole thing was a project, and you may be shocked at some of the things I uncovered in my research. As I researched this USGymnastics case, I was reminded again and again of the Boston priest case, since the two stories have many similarities. We will even discover they are linked. You should also consult my paper on the O. J. Simpson trial, which I show was an obvious fake. Also the Manson trials, ditto. Without knowing where I am coming from, you may not be able to follow me here, and you will probably just get angry. But if you read my previous research, you will come to understand why I don’t trust what I am being told.

Let’s go back to this alleged trial. The very name Nassar itself is a potential red flag, since it is probably Jewish and may link Larry Nassar to any number of prominent people. These include Israeli film director Ali Nassar. Also Fu’ad Nassar, allegedly Palestinian but obviously an agent. To start with, he was a Communist, which pegs him immediately as an agent. Communism has been an Intel front from the beginning. He was involved in the PLO and its precursors, all of which were Israeli

fronts. Also Wa’el Nassar, whose bio is very similar. He was part of Hamas, another Israeli front and pretend opposition. His death was faked by Israeli Defense Forces in 2004. Also Nasser Judeh, supposedly Palestinian, but note his last name. His father was Sami Judeh, which you may wish to respell Samuel Judah. He was recently Deputy Prime Minister of Jordan and is married to Princess Hassan. She went to the Sherbourne School for Girls in Dorset, England, and then University of London. Most of her family was also educated in England, at such places as Oxford and Cambridge. This opens a whole other can of worms I don’t have time to get into here. Suffice it to say the royal Jordanian house of Hashim is also Jewish, being installed by British Intelligence in the early 20th century.* Also see Abdelkarim Al-Nasser, supposedly Saudi but another Mossad agent. Even Wiki admits he is only “allegedly a terrorist”. He has been on the FBI list since 2001, although he is not actively being sought. Wiki admits the FBI knows where he is, but no steps are being taken to capture him. This is because, like Osama bin Laden, Al-Nasser is just an actor used to print these posters. Also Jacques Nasser, former CEO and President of Ford, a partner at JPMorgan and Allianz AG, and Chairman of BHP Billiton.

And now for the frosting: Jacques Nasser is also on the board of 21st Century Fox. So you may wish to ask yourself if Larry Nassar’s fake trials may be filmed on their sound stages. Larry Nassar has no genealogies posted online, but we should ask if he is closely related to Jacques Nasser. You will say the names aren’t spelled the same, but that doesn’t decide it. They may have changed the spelling of Larry Nassar’s name for this event. We have seen them do it before. In fact, in some places Nassar’s name IS spelled Nasser. The major mainstream media can’t decide which way it is spelled, sometimes spelling it both ways in the same article.

Now, if we check Nassar’s Wiki page, we find several contradictions. He is supposed to have worked for USA Gymnastics since 1986, first as a trainer and then as a doctor. In 1986 he was only 22. In 1993 he got his medical degree from Michigan State, completed a residency, and then completed a fellowship in sports medicine in 1997. In that year he began working as an assistant professor at MSU, earning $100,000 annually. In 1988 he began working at Twistars as a trainer, and in 1996 he became the doctor for USA Gymnastics. None of that makes any sense to me, since going to medical school, completing a residency, completing a fellowship and so on is a full time job. So is being a professor at a major university. So I don’t see how we fit in his alleged career at Twistars and USA gymnastics as well. For instance, in 1996, when he was first hired by USA Gymnastics, he was already working on the fellowship in sports medicine. The very next year, he was also working as a professor at MSU. So when did he have time to work for USA Gymnastics? In the next paragraph, we learn that Nassar was still working as a professor at MSU in 2016, since that is when they allegedly fired him. Which makes it harder to understand how he was also working for USA Gymnastics, which isn’t in Lansing, MI. It is headquartered in Dallas, but the gymnastics camps are north of Houston, in Huntsville. They admit this is where Nassar was supposed to be, since we are told he was at the Karolyi camp there. It would be pretty hard to hold down two jobs simultaneously in Huntsville and Lansing, wouldn’t it?

We also find out something else very strange. It is known and admitted that Nassar ran for the Holt School Board in Michigan in 2016, receiving 21% of the vote—which isn’t too bad. What makes it strange is that we are told the charges against him had already been made public at that time. That makes no sense. Do you think his rivals in that race wouldn’t have publicized the charges against him, making it impossible for him to get even 1%?

Which brings us back to evidence from the trial. We are told that 156 victims spoke at the trial, while

Nassar sat and listened on the witness stand, sometimes hiding his head in his hands or

wiping away tears with a tissue.

What? You have probably seen real trials, or at least trials on TV or in the movies. Does the accused sit in the witness stand while others give testimony? No. The accused sits at the defense table with his attorneys, doesn’t he? The only people who sit in the witness stand are witnesses, while they are giving their own testimony.

Besides, Nassar was only convicted on seven counts, so why would 156 girls parade through giving testimony? Testimony is only allowed from people involved in the trial. You don’t just open up a trial to everyone who has something to say. First, the victim goes to the police. Then she hires an attorney. At that point she is part of the prosecution. But girls who haven’t actually filed charges and become a part of the prosecution aren’t allowed to give testimony. Yes, a few might be allowed to give testimony as witnesses for the prosecution. But that number would be limited. You don’t need 156 witnesses for the prosecution all saying the same thing. That would just waste the time of the court and the jury— especially when you already have plenty of girls as part of the lawsuit proper. They don’t need 156 outside witnesses to testify when they already have many girls pressing charges as part of the trial. The jury needs to hear proof of their cases, not the cases of 150 other girls. Also, witnesses for the prosecution are called to corroborate testimony of the primary victims, not to relate their own stories. This was a trial, supposedly, not a vast therapy session. In other words, witnesses for the prosecution would be expected to answer questions about the charges on trial, and if they started talking about their own cases, the defense attorney would object that this was outside material. The judge would agree, since the trial was called to determine facts in the case at hand, not to air every grievance in Nassar’s past.

So you see, once again these fake trials are run to fool those who know nothing of the law. All your attorney friends probably know this thing was faked, since it can be spotted as a fraud in about 30 seconds. I recommend you ask them about it, but rather than expect a straight answer—which you are unlikely to get—just register the looks on their faces and their immediate non-verbal responses. That should be enough to tell you I am right.

And in a real trial, the defense attorney would have the opportunity to question any of these girls who spoke as witnesses for the prosecution, and the first thing he would ask is this: “if what you say is true, then why didn’t you file charges, or at least join the lawsuit? We don’t need testimony from those who were injured so little they didn’t even bother to join the lawsuit.” The next thing the defense attorney would do is rip into the credentials of each girl. He would be told who all the witnesses were long beforehand, to give him time to research them. Since we don’t see any defense here of that sort or any other, we know this trial was a sham.

To answer this criticism or any like it, we are told the seven days of “victim impact statements” were allowed as part of Nassar’s plea deal, but that is ridiculous. Do you think his attorney pled with the court to allow 156 victims to come in and slander his client with no chance of rebuttal? And what did Nassar get for his part in that “plea deal”? He got 175 years instead of what? 350 years? The death penalty was never a possibility here, since he didn’t murder anyone or commit treason. So I don’t understand what deal they are talking about.

In answer to all this I will be told Nassar’s attorney gave up, since Nassar pled guilty. But that isn’t the way it works in real life. In real life, Nassar might possibly have pled guilty, but under a plea deal he would have done so for a reduced sentence. You don’t plead guilty under a deal and then get sentenced to 175 years. You also don’t get raked over the coals by the judge.

Another curious thing we are told is that at the sentencing the judge read aloud a letter Nassar had written to the court after pleading guilty, in which he accused the girls of lying and said “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. Yeah. And you believe that? You believe that guys already in prison write letters to the court like that, jeopardizing their own trials? I guess he just wanted another hundred years in jail or so. You don’t write informal “letters” to the court. You might petition the court through your attorney for some reason, but those petitions are not public and would not be read in court by a judge. Such an action would be considered highly unusual—or insane—by any appellate court and might be reason for tossing the whole trial. The appellate court might also recommend the judge for a psychiatric evaluation.

Nassar’s sentence is also weird, since we are told he was sentenced to 40 to 175 years. Well, which was it? And what is the spread based on? If you went to the doctor and he told you you had 10 to 100 months to live, you would say, “Thanks, Doc, but that isn’t really helpful.” It looks to me like these numbers are being published to add to the confusion. Most people will read this stuff and just give up trying to understand any of it, which is what they want. They don’t want you understanding anything, they want to just accept it and move on.

Next, we find the prosecuting attorney is actually the Assistant Attorney General of Michigan, Angela Povilaitis. Is anyone involved here not Jewish, I wonder? Povilaitis is a prominent Lithuanian/Jewish name. Just look it up. But regardless, it is strange to see this trial in Federal (circuit) court, prosecuted by the State Attorney General’s office. I don’t really understand why the Attorney General would be involved in such a case. Yes, the case became very high profile, but only because the media turned it into their usual circus.

Which brings us to the way this case hit the headlines. Although Nassar wasn’t charged for these crimes until November of 2017, in February of that year three former gymnasts went on 60 Minutes to air their claims. Others went on Twitter under the #MeToo hashtag accusing Nassar. This isn’t the way it is done in the real world. The procedure is to go to the police and hire an attorney. Both will tell you to keep the charges out of the media until after the trial—at which time it can be publicized all they want. But normally such girls don’t want any publicity either before or after the trial, because they don’t want people to know that nasty man had his finger up their wazoos. It should be very embarrassing, but curiously we don’t see that here. These girls couldn’t wait to talk about it.

Some of the initial claims were also curious. At Wikipedia, we are told Maggie Nichols accused Nassar of “grooming” her, by complimenting her appearance. What? So complimenting someone’s appearance is now a crime? Good to know.

Anyway, when you see crimes profiled on 60 Minutes before they have even gone to trial, you should know you are witnessing another project. News programs should be reporting on crimes after convictions have been handed down, not a year before. For one thing, such programs should prejudice a jury, making prosecution more difficult. Courts have to find unbiased jurors, remember, and if all the jurors are prejudiced by watching 60 Minutes beforehand, that is quite hard to do. This is why real courts don’t like media circuses. Only fake CIA courts like media circuses, since that is the whole point. Another reason the media doesn’t report extended testimony before real trials is that they can open themselves up to lawsuits. What if Nassar had been found innocent? In that case he could then sue the girls, CBS, and the rest of the media for slander and libel.

Now, let’s return to Judge Rosemarie Aquilina. She is also fishy. Like Nassar, she comes out of

Michigan State University. She is about five years older than Nassar, although Wikipedia doesn’t seem to know when she was born. After graduating law school in 1984, she became the campaign manager for Michigan Senator John Kelly. This is a huge red flag since Kelly is currently scholar in residence at National Defense University, which is chartered by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It is located on the grounds of Fort McNair in Washington, DC. Kelly is also a retired Colonel and FBI liaison. In addition, he is a graduate of Army Command and General Staff College, and spent ten years as a Judge Advocate General. “He has been decorated repeatedly for his contributions to the defense establishment during times of war.”

And now for the frosting: according to his Wikipedia page, Kelly is also involved with the film industry. He has been Vice-Chair of the Michigan Film Advisory Board and Director of the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival. I trust you see how that ties in here.

Judge Aquilina has also had her own syndicated radio talk show, Ask the Family Lawyer. Pretty strange for a circuit court judge. She was also in the Michigan Army National Guard, where she was the first female member of the Judge Advocate General’s Corp. This links her to Kelly once again, as you see. She has published two novels with pretty strange titles: Feel No Evil and Triple Cross Killer. That last one came out in 2017, and it is about a serial killer who diverts Santa letters to himself. Intrigued? As usual, we find ourselves being pulled down the same old rabbit hole. Even the most skeptical must be seeing the lay of the land by now. Also, if you thought Aquilina was Spanish, you are wrong. Her father is given as Maltese and her mother as German. That already looks like a clue,

since if we go to Wikipedia on the question, we find this: “In the time before World War II many Jews fleeing Nazism came to Malta as it was the only European country not to require visas of Jews fleeing German rule”. So my guess is Aquilina is also Jewish.

Her publisher is Fiery Seas Publishing, and this is her photo there:

The second photo is from the trial. Does that look like a circuit court judge to you? It doesn’t to me. She is being hailed as some sort of heroine, but to me she looks like a scary lady. She also looks like an actress. Note all the plastic surgery. Aging actresses commonly get a lot of plastic surgery, don’t they, not aging judges. The lace collar is also very peculiar. I have ever seen a female judge in anything like that.

Compare Aquilina to the recent photos of Marcia Clark, prosecutor from the O. J. Simpson trial. She has been replaced by a second Marcia Clark, which is weird enough, but before that happened this is what she looked like:

Multiple face lifts. It is possible her face crashed altogether after that, which is why they had to replace her with a younger body double (one that doesn’t resemble her at all).

Very very weird.

This fits everything else in this story, because if we check the list of gynmasts here, some are admitted to be Jewish and the rest may be as well. Jamie Dantzscher, Jeanette Antolin, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, Maggie Nichols, Gabby Douglas, Simone Biles, and Jordyn Wieber. Raisman is admitted to be Jewish. Wieber is said to look like she does because she is Lebanese, but Wieber is a Jewish name. You will say Biles can’t be Jewish since she is black, but as we have seen that doesn’t decide it. Besides, her birth name is Clemons, and I believe she is only half-black. It is difficult to get information on this, since her birth father is pretty much a ghost. But I wouldn’t be too shocked if she was related to Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens). We have seen stranger things. You may also be interested to know that the other black girl on this list, Gabby Douglas, has admitted she is Jewish. She is now sold as Christian, but her Wikipedia pages say this:

Douglas has also stated in her biography that in the past her “family practiced some of the Jewish traditions”, including attending a Conservative Jewish synagogue, keeping kosher, and celebrating Hanukah.

So there. You will remember that the Douglases are and always have been near the top of the Scottish peerage. See the book When Scotland was Jewish.

Which brings us to Jeanette Antolin. Little biographical info is available on her, and none at

Wikipedia, but Antolin is also a Jewish name. See actor Marc Antolin, who played artist Marc Chagall in The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk in 2016. Chagall was also Jewish, of course. Also a Benjamin Antolin at LinkedIn. Also Ruben Antolin, a Jewish Star, at Youtube. Also Marissa Antolin at Forward. Also Benji Antolin at Facebook.

What about McKayla Maroney? She is said to be Catholic, but Maroney may also be a Jewish name, in which case it is a variant of Maron. See for example Eric Maroney, and his book The Other Zions: the Lost Histories of Jewish Nations. Also interesting that Jenna Maroney, a fictional character on 30 Rock, is an Ashkenazi Jew, and that her DNA comes up in the show. We also find more evidence in the book Jews and Muslims in British Colonial America: A Genealogical History, where, on p. 223, we find a Philip Maroney listed as Jewish. My readers may also remember former Infowars editor Molly Maroney, who was outed several years ago as a Stratfor agent. Stratfor is an admitted “intelligence platform” located in Austin, and it is also a probable CIA front. It has been linked to Alex Jones, though I won’t get into that here. You can look it up yourself. However, the last name match on Maroney may be important here. Jones’ wife is Jewish and he may be, too. Stratfor has many Jewish links, including its President Dave Sikora and its founder George Friedman.

That just leaves us with Jamie Danzscher. She also has no biographical info available, and her parents aren’t even given at Wikipedia. However, that name may also be Jewish, which I think is pretty obvious. A search on that allows us to discover Danzschers at Findagrave related to the name Lorenz, which is Jewish. See the tenor Max Lorenz. Also famous zoologist Konrad Lorenz, recently stripped of honors for being a Nazi supporter, but we now know what that means. Since the Nazis were just a Jewish front, Konrad Lorenz was simply controlling the opposition—like so many others we have looked at. In other words, the Jews like to create their own opposition, so they instruct some to pretend to be anti-Semites. The most prominent anti-Semites in history have turned out to be Jewish on closer inspection, and they still are. See David Irving as just one example of many. But Hitler and Goebbels have to be at the top of that list.

I should mention Rachael Denhollander here as well, since she was prominent in this project. She was one of the first gymnasts to accuse Nassar, and we are told she is now an attorney herself. She has no Wiki page, but she is listed in the Google sidebar, where we learn her husband is Jacob Denhollander and her mother is Camille Moxon. [Rachael just happens to be 33 during this event.] This is interesting, because Moxon is a name we have seen from the peerage. The Moxons are related to the Barons Scarlett, the Campbells of Kilmory, the Maxwells of Newark, the Crawfords of Kerse, the Geldarts, the Baronets Stewart, the Barons Fellowes, and the Dukes Spencer-Churchill. To understand where the Moxons come from, see the British textile manufacturer Moxon, later Moxon Huddersfield. Also the publisher Edward Moxon, who published much 19th century literature, including Shelley, Browning, Lytton, Tennyson, and Swinburne. His family was also prominent in the wool trade, linking him to the later Moxon, textile manufacturer. More recently you may wish to look up Kendrick Moxon, a prominent attorney for Scientology—indicating he is a spook. It would be interesting to know Camille Moxon’s relationship to him. His daughter Stacy married a man named Meyer, indicating he was Jewish. This Kendrick Moxon has also been on 60 Minutes, speaking of Scientology scandals. What a coincidence, eh?

Before we move on, I want to draw your attention to a name almost buried in the last paragraph: Geldart. You probably didn’t trip over that, but I did. Why? Because in news this week, we find that US Gymnastics coach John Geddert is now under investigation for molestation. That can’t be a coincidence, since the two spellings are just variations of the same family name. It is also spelled Geldert, and they are both in the peerage. In addition to all the titled families above, they are also

related to the Fagans and Barnes.

Rachael Denhollander’s maiden name is not available, and no bio is posted. We know she currently works for Creation Ministries International, a spooky place that looks to me like another Jewish front organization, created to damage Christianity rather than promote it. We have some evidence of that from Denhollander’s recent attacks against Sovereign Grace Ministries. From reading current headlines, it is not clear to me what her relationship is to them, but it is curious to see the USGymnastics event being quickly tied to this older Sovereign Grace scandal. As you see, it also ties us to the Boston priest scandal and to Spotlight, since officials at Sovereign Grace were accused of molesting children. In studying that, we find something else interesting. According to the Wiki page for this, the charges against Sovereign Grace were thrown out in 2013 because the statute of limitations had run out on the crimes. We are told the statute ran out on the plaintiffs because it was 3 years after they had turned 18. Obviously, that doesn’t match what we are being sold in the Boston priest scandal or the USGymnastics scandal. There was no mention of any statute of limitations in either case, and we saw that women much older than 18 or 21 were allowed to testify in the current one.

It is also not clear to me why Creation Ministries would be attacking Sovereign Grace Ministries, since they look very similar. I suspect Sovereign Grace is also a Jewish Front organization, set up for a fall. Compare it to the Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God, which we looked at recently in my paper on Bobby Fischer. That was where the fall of Garner Ted Armstrong was staged a few decades ago.

We find another clue in Creation Ministries’ founder Carl Wieland. That may be another Jewish name. See Heinrich Wieland, a German chemist now most famous for allegedly protecting Jews from Hitler. More important to us here is that Wieland’s family had made its money from gold and silver refining in Pforzheim, and that they were closely related to the Boehringers of Boehringer-Ingelheim. Boehringer- Ingelheim is—like Bayer—one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Its logo is the palace of Charlemagne, which is informative given what we have discovered in recent papers. Wieland’s daughter married Feodor Lynen, which you may wish to respell Lenin, while noting the first name is Russian. Lynen was also a chemist who was set up in a lab at the Max Planck Institute by Otto Warburg and Otto Hahn. Yes, that links us to the Warburg bankers, as well as to the Jewish Hahns that later spawned Goldie Hawn.

Wieland is also spelled Weiland, Wyland and Weyland, which takes us first to Marcel Weyland, a Polish writer admitted to be Jewish. He is most famous for translating Mickiewicz’s Pan Tadeusz, which we have looked at in a previous paper. Mickiewicz was Jewish. Also Paul Weyland, who was a notorious Einstein hater—which now looks like another project. Also Otto Weyland, US General in WWII. Also Richard Weyland, British politician who married a Gordon. As we have seen in many previous papers, the Gordons were dukes, and the poet Byron was a Gordon. He was also Jewish. Also Jack Weyland, a tenured physicist at Brigham Young who writes Mormon fiction. Also Ric Weiland, the second employee at Microsoft and friend of Paul Allen. Allen is Jewish. So is Gates. Also Kurt Weiland, top Scientology executive. See Kendrick Moxon above.

I think I have proved my point there, so let’s move on. Some of these women like Dantzscher are now in their 30s, so you have to ask why they are speaking out now? The stories we are told don’t make a lot of sense, because it implies the women just recently figured out they had been molested. I guess it didn’t occur to them until these younger girls spoke out. We are supposed to think the sexual climate was completely different 15 years ago, but that simply isn’t true. Woman and girls were almost as empowered then as they are now, and it certainly wasn’t OK for doctors to molest them. There is no possibility a doctor in the year 2000 could have thought he was going to get away with something like

this. So as with the whole priest molesting boys thing, I’m simply not buying it. Once you think about it, the claims don’t add up. One, I doubt that girls that age would be left alone with a male doctor. As paranoid as people now are, that just doesn’t happen. Plus, we are told there were rumors of this guy going back many years, so it doesn’t add up. Two, these girls were not five years old, they were 15 and 16, old enough to know what was going on. If a doctor had really stuck his finger up anyone’s wazoo, the girls would have screamed bloody murder immediately. I don’t think he was giving any of them a prostate exam, so there was no reason for that to be happening, and the girls would know it. Why are we supposed to believe these girls would keep quiet about it? Do girls that age keep quiet about anything? Not in my experience. Plus, these are tough little girls, full of muscle and firepower. They can do double flips through the air in layout and one-armed pushups and who knows what else. If Nassar had grabbed anything he shouldn’t have, these girls would have kicked him in the head. They were far from defenseless, and Nassar is not a big man. You may be laughing, but I am completely serious. Those girls would have kicked his ass. So it just doesn’t add up. Anyone who believes this story just isn’t thinking.

For more theatrical shenanigans, we find the big story about one of the fathers attacking Nassar in court. I encourage you to watch it, since it is entertaining if nothing else. However, it is not in the least believable, for many reasons. One, we see Nassar’s attorney face him down at the table. That is highly unlikely, seeing that the guy, Randall Margraves, is about 6’4” and 230 lbs. Fortunately for Nassar, his attorney turns out to be a young guy who is also very large. He looks like a UFC heavyweight in a suit. What are the odds?

Does that guy look like an attorney to you? No, you can almost see his muscles through his sportcoat. He looks military. Also convenient is that although Margraves seems very angry, he makes no effort to go around the table, simply running up to it and quitting. The guards also seem prepared for the event, since they are chasing him as soon as he takes his first step. They actually beat him to the table.

The other problem is that Nassar’s attorney of record is Shannon Smith, and you can just see the top of her head in the lower left corner of that photo. So it is not clear who muscle-attorney is. But you should find it amusing that Smith doesn’t seem too concerned by this bull rush on her table. She is still sitting there calmly at this point, as at least six guys crash into the defense table. She doesn’t even think of getting up until the table itself starts to tip over.

Speaking of Smith, she has given interviews saying she thought Nassar was innocent. What? Then why on earth would he plead guilty, only to be given 175 years? There can’t have been a real plea deal

here, since 175 years isn’t the result of a great deal. If your attorney believes you are innocent, you plead not-guilty, because then at least you have a shot at appeal. If you have pled guilty, it is very hard to come back later and plead innocent to an appeals court. You would have to claim some sort of duress.

You may also ask yourself why the father Margraves was standing where he was in the first place. When we first see him, he is with two young women near the bench. Why? Why would he be allowed to make a statement before sentencing? Does that make any sense at all? Since when are victims’ fathers allowed to make public statements before sentencing? Also note that Dad is wearing bluejeans to court. This is a nationally televised court case, and Dad decides to wear jeans to make his statement before the bench? Pretty odd. He also has on a sweatshirt, which is strongly discouraged in the courtroom. When you report for jury duty, they tell you not to wear jeans or sweats. The sweatshirt is a local 665 shirt, which is an electrician’s union in Lansing. But notice the number. Strangely close to 666, isn’t it? I guess that would have been too obvious, but I still consider it a clue left by the directors.

Also not believable is that Dad was brought back into court after his arrest to make a public apology, after which he was not charged or even detained. It doesn’t work that way. More theater.

Which brings us to the fact this was filmed at all. Cameras used to be prohibited in courtrooms, but I as I showed in my O. J. Simpson paper, that severely limited the propaganda value of these fake CIA trials. So any time you see a trial filmed and released nationally, you can be sure it is a CIA/Hollywood project.

More proof of that is all the sentencing hearings. We are told that for some reason, Nassar had three sentencing hearings, and was actually sentenced multiple times. In one of these he was sentenced on seven counts and in another he was sentenced on three more. I don’t understand how you can have multiple sentences for one trial. If they had separated out some victims for some reason, that would have required separate trials. It looks to me like they simply wished to extend this play, due to audience demand, so they kept bringing in more girls to tell their stories and kept adding sentences.

Even ten counts is very low, since in some places we were told 265 women have accused Nassar. If so, why didn’t they join this prosecution? Given the story we have been fed, Nassar should have been convicted of around one thousand counts. But remember we saw the same thing with Father Geoghan in the Boston priest scandal. We are told he molested hundreds of boys across three decades. But he was convicted on only one count of fondling over clothes, and even that conviction was wiped. Geoghan died with a clean record.

Which leads me to predict it will soon be reported that Nassar has died in jail for some reason, either by suicide or murder. It may be that his convictions will be out on appeal at that time, and for that reason he will also “die” with a clean record. He can then join Geoghan, Jack Ruby, and many others who have a clean record to this day.

So am I saying the girls just flat-out lied? Yep. But you have to understand they don’t see it that way. They think they are part of a movie about women’s rights, you see. That is how it was sold to them. They were probably told that bad guys like this really do exist, so it is important to educate people about it. And, since Nassar isn’t really going to jail, no one is hurt here: they aren’t lying, they are just part of a fiction. A morality play. I assume a lot of the middle level players in these projects justify their actions like that. I don’t think the directors do, since the directors know the know the score. They know why this is going on, and it isn’t to educate anyone. It is to mess people up on purpose. But I

don’t imagine these girls are that evil. They are simply being manipulated, like the rest of us.

But what they should understand is that people are being hurt—including themselves. It isn’t just men that are getting hurt by these projects, it is women as well, including the women involved. Splitting the sexes doesn’t just affect men, it affects all heterosexual people. Men without women implies women without men, and if women wonder why it is so hard to find and keep a good relationship these days, this is why.

Remember, loneliness is now an epidemic, and the UK just created a Ministry of Loneliness to help deal with it. Do you think all those lonely people are men? Nope. A large fraction are women. So while these gymnast girls may think they are helping the sisters with this project, they are actually harming them. And they aren’t just “creating fiction”, they are lying—and lies have consequences.

*See the Wiki page for King Faisal of Iraq, for the simplest explanation of this. Faisal was allegedly the brother of Abdullah, who became King of Jordan. Their brother Ali was King of Hejaz. On Faisal’s page, notice they admit Faisal was installed in 1917 by British Intelligence officer T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia). The other brothers were similarly installed.

First published February 7, 2018


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