The search for Dark Matter can be called off.

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What do the profiles of Birkeland Currents in space actually look like? Professor Donald Scott takes up that question in an article, “Birkeland Currents and Dark Matter,” recently published in the April issue of the journal “Progress in Physics.” The article describes the well-tested electrical equations that shape the flow and configuration of electric charges arriving from the Sun to penetrate Earth’s magnetosphere and light the auroras.

The article is a followup to Dr. Scott’s earlier article in the same journal—”Consequences Of The Lundquist Model Of A Force-Free Field-Aligned Current”—published in 2015. There he described the structures, current densities, and magnetic fields within a Birkeland Current.

Such configurations have never found a satisfactory explanation in standard theory, due largely to the constraints imposed by electrically neutral models that are still dominated by the gravitational constructs of Newtonian physics. In this article, Dr. Scott expands on his original submission to show why the studied electrical characteristic must be a function of the radius from the center of a Birkeland Current, as required by Marklund Convection.

In particular, one profound conclusion of Dr. Scott’s study deserves to be highlighted. The eighty-five-year search for “anomalous,” “dark,” or “missing” matter can now be called off. There is nothing anomalous in the behavior of Birkeland Currents or Marklund Convection.

~Dave Talbott and Team


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