The Prime Poisoner responds to Robin Hood

The Prime Poisoner.

On Tuesday and Wednesday last week, Robin Hood (Ian Crane) called on The Prime Poisoner (Treason May) to show some real leadership and stop fracking in the UK everywhere.

It appears that she responded, albeit only locally, in a unique interview for The Yorkshire Post,  where she regurgitated the tired old party line.  The message was basically just ‘Suck it!’  In fact, ‘Frack You!’ to the people of Northern England.  She is going to push through the unconventional gas agenda.  No change in policy substance detectable, or even style.

Fortunately events on the ground are not living up to her hopes.  Third Energy are retreating from Kirby Misperton, vacating the well site, with debt levels a hundred times their annual revenue.

The Prime Poisoner added to her spiel the usual tired refrain, that profits from the industry will be shared out across Yorkshire.  This is poppycock, and not something she should still be mentioning, as it’s all been debunked a long time ago.

She should look at the accounts of the companies who are meant to be sharing out their profits with the local communities.  There won’t be any profits as these are insolvent exploration companies which are funded off balance sheet, and will be immediately sold if there is any success in getting well sites operational, only seeing a capital gain.  They are all in heavy debt and will be lucky to get these paid off even if they are successful – which they won’t be, due to the growing level of public and local opposition.  They all have bigger organisations hiding in the wings, organisations such as Barclays Bank hiding their involvement in this shameless enterprise, and that is where any profits would end up.  No one locally will get a bean.

There’ll be no profits as they won’t trade.  It’s a con to promise a payoff, which is unworthy, even for someone as contaminated by falsehood as The Prime Poisoner.

The Conservative party, on the other hand, is the beneficiary of donations from the fracking companies, you have to remember.  That’s the only payoff which truly bothers The Prime Poisoner.  If these frackers are willing to grease her palm, then she’ll stick to their script, however dodgy.

For local people near well sites,  their house prices will dump by up to 30% – if people are able to sell their houses at all.  No one wants to buy a property in a gasfield.  The wealth fund as falsely promised, won’t get anywhere near making up for the financial losses local people will suffer.  Already near proposed sites, houses are unsellable.

Also insurance companies will stop insuring houses near gas wells and hike premiums if they do insure.

As for health, she trotted out the old lies about ‘Gold Standard’ regulations.  It’s nonsense.  The industry just ignores the regulations anyway.  Look to Australia to see how many people will become sick around the gas sites.  Many more will die in Britain than in Australia as the population here is far denser.  In the US there are 1.5 pollution incidents every day on fracking sites.  The same will happen in Britain.  Earthquakes could become commonplace like at Press Hall, where 80 houses suffered subsidence.  The Prime Poisoner seems unmoved.

The human toll of fracking catalogued. Van Dieman’s Land, Australia.

INEOS is suing the Scottish government for banning fracking, for limiting the human rights of Jim ‘The Rat’ Ratcliffe.  If TTIP was in place, he might well win such an action.   He might get compensation if the courts look favourably on his appeal, but this would hardly increase Conservative popularity in Scotland.  The Prime Poisoner?   Again unmoved.

Councils are opposing INEOS across the North of England.   The National Trust is opposing INEOS, which is suing The National Trust for access to their lands.  This will add about 4 million people to the anti-fracking movement.  This is a PR disaster for INEOS.  When will The Prime Poisoner awaken to the fact that this industry represents a serious political threat to Conservative support?  Does the thought of 4 million activists not send a shudder down her political spine.  It ought to.

Corbyn has already positioned himself to pick up this vote saying he will ban fracking as soon as he gets into Number 10. The Prime Poisoner should not repeating tired old promises which no one believes any longer.  She should instead be planning her political exit from this abominable industry, before the political cost of her involvement explodes in her face.  She has little time left to avoid what is coming her way.

If she won’t move on from her stance on fracking, the poison will flow full circle, and she will collect her karma.   Roll on the moment when she’s staggering around unable to breathe.  It would be the fate that she entirely deserves.  Robin Hood and his Merrie Men and Women are building a grass roots movement the like of which she has never previously come across in her career to date.  She has been warned,  but has not moved her position one inch, or even her rhetoric.  That is a grave mistake for the Poisoner to be making.  It has not gone unnoticed at Sherwood, and the bows and arrows are being prepared for their next assault.

These Northerners, in her estimation, are meant to just roll over and die.

There’s no sign of that yet.

Nor will there be.


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