The Prime Poisoner feels the force of anti-fracking opposition

Treason May (The Prime Poisoner) is being edited out of Ian Crane’s videos!!!

Maybe Youtube’s editors have identified the wrong T. May – see above picture.  And feel the need to censor such large breasts from public view.

Maybe not.

This (below) is Ian’s second attempt at doing his morning talk.  The first one went haywire for some reason unknown.

This second one was going nicely to begin with.  He was warming to his theme.  The picture then goes odd and the soundtrack leaps forward, losing continuity.

From the words that follow on from the gap, you can tell that Ian must have dared to mention two words, words which are clearly not currently permissible on Youtube….those being none other than the name of the current face in the frame – The Prime Poisoner.


Obviously it’s entirely coincidental that this loss of continuity comes where it does…!

Ian’s already unable to share on Facebook.

Now Youtube’s getting after him, it seems.

How reassured he must feel that his talks are so powerful in effect the they have to be increasingly blocked.

‘They’ are indeed ‘feeling the force’.

Ian’s been ‘allowed’ by the censors to do his daily run through of the troubles of the fracking industry for some while now.

He’s been allowed to tell people to ‘tagabarclays’ to stop Barclays financing the elimination of the North Of England through fracking – via INEOS and their very own THIRD ENERGY.

He’s  been allowed to tell people to quit dealing with Centrica, and to relate the catalogue of woe of their involvement in this environmental abomination, and the financial black hole they are becoming as their shares crash out of sight.

(See what’s happened to thousands of people around the world where unconventional gas has been allowed to go ahead.  In Britain with our denser population, the effect will be that hundreds of thousands will be made sick, not tens of thousands, as in Australia.)

However Ian’s clearly not being allowed to mention the name of the holy one, which is quite amusing you have to say, and shows both how small-minded the censors are becoming, and how desperate they are too.

Does The Prime Poisoner really need protecting from the electronic weaponry of Robin Hood (aka Ian Crane), his barbed comments and his carefully aimed sharpness of wit?

Whether that be T. May as in ‘her with the big boobies’, or the one who’s currently claiming she’s some kind of authority figure, despite her need to be protected from all criticism.

Even if such criticism is spoken in a field with a winter wind blowing the speaker away, in front a couple of tents and a caravan, even that seems to be too much for her sensitive persona to tolerate.

The only way ahead must be to work the PM into a pseudonym, and dodge the censors that way.

The Prime Poisoner seems to fit the bill, what with her detergent selling career, her support of fracking and her interest in persuading communities to become nuclear waste dumping grounds.

She is a close ally of The Sheriff Of Frackingham, with theatrical compatibility.

Ian – In your list of individuals driven out of the fracking industry, you forgot about the sacking of Owen Paterson by David Cameron.  Paterson was facing a lively anti-fracking campaign in his own constituency.  Cameron saw the danger and sacked him, depriving that campaign of the oxygen that was driving it…great list otherwise of frackers that have had their comeuppance by dallying with this abomination.  May there be much more screaming of the victims, who are to join that happy list very soon.


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