The Illuminati Are About To Make Their Final Move. (2018-2019) 402,685 views

TAP – viewing stats on Youtube are suspect.  The videos they want hidden have very low viewing numbers – maybe just 1-3% of the real numbers.  The ones they want people to watch get huge numbers attached very quickly.  The Illuminati and the Satanists have been trying to make their final moves awhile.  The rest of the world is trying to stop the move to war, which is their only gameplan.

The economic crash looks very likely to happen at some point – the bursting of the debt bubble will be an avalanche for stock markets.  Interest rates could go negative, and people will be paid to borrow money, and be penalised for depositing money.

That could be planned in for 2019 if the Fed stop issuing Quantitative Easing (printing money).  Financial year 2019 begins in October 2018 in the USA.  If the real economy tanks, that opens up the path to war in all probability, but who knows?  We have to hope they fail in their endeavours.


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  1. rats says:

    Tap, your comments are fair and appreciated, Regards Rats

  2. Tapestry says:

    I should watch the video first before commenting. Yesterday saw the first stock market tremor since 2008. The events are starting.

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