The Golden Age Of Stupid

I suggest the Brenden Cox matter illustrates the ludicrous nature of the messages issuing from our government and corporate media. Brendan Cox has been on the BBC many a time criticising Trump for e.g. his approach to women. Now Cox has resigned for his alleged behaviour toward women, and the BBC find it difficult to adjust to the reality. Cox is the same man who has repeatedly accused President Assad of being the bad guy. The BBC, The Guardian et al are constantly caught out on the wrong side of the argument.

Brexit deception continues…
Theresa May talking about global enrichment? €uropean security.
All harks back to Cameron’s Best of Both Worlds.
Sergey Lavrov US-Russian Middle East speech: no evidence or facts on Russian allegations. US has a long term stay in Syria strategy.
The Hill publishes fake news about pro-gum messages from Russia.
America under attack and President doesn’t care… more anti-Trump nonsense.
Patrick: “The golden age of stupid”
Assange Tweets spot on analysis: IRA

The Mirror on Donald Trump’s favourite conspiracy The Deep State…
Guardian takes tea with ISIS:
What will Brendan Cox’s next job be? White Helmets field work?

Published on 19 Feb 2018
Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s news update form the UK Column.

START – Brexit: EU will crumble in Brexit talks…
03:14 – UK accounts for 40% of EU spending on defence and R&D
05:12 – Treason May: ‘Rules-Based International Order’ but only for some…
11:48 – Brexit but…no exit from EU
14:40 – Germany must bear a larger burden for security…NATO to strengthen
16:34 – Russia: Lavrov on Russia-US relations and the Middle East
21:56 – Fake News: ‘Russian bots flood Twitter with pro-gun messages…’
23:05 – Fake News: The Atlantic – ‘America is under attack…’
24:04 – Julian Assange: Internet Research Agency’s ‘troll farm’
26:28 – Re-enforcing audience bias is exactly what Facebook and Google do
28:10 – Reuters: curling dopers…?
29:01 – Not just Russia under attack…China gets hit with ‘spying’ accusation
31:55 – MainStream Media still crashing in their believability…
34:58 – Syria: Guardian journalist takes ‘afternoon tea’ with ISIS…
37:00 – UN staff ‘responsible for 60,000 rapes in a decade’
41:31 – Oxfam: sacked staff accused of sexual assault were given new jobs
42:57 – ITV documentary: shocking scale of sexual abuse at UK boarding schools
44:35 – Essex Police: dispersal order (curfew) in place in Colchester

I recommend The Sunday Wire for a longer look at some of the above subjects…

Episode #222 – ‘The Golden Age of Stupid’ with guests Mike Robinson, Marwa Osman


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  1. Tapestry says:

    Patrick mentions that when Syria shot down an Israeli jet recently, Netanyahu called Putin to mediate. This was the first time in 50 years that Israel called on a country other than the USA. The ground rules in the Middle East are shifting. What Theresa May calls overseas threats, are not threats to peace, but threats to Western warmaking operations.

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