The first Crane Report of 2018. Boys being targeted for Gardasil.

It’s vaccinations the main topic tonight..

Dr Graham Downing & Anna Watson join Ian R Crane on this edition of HUMANITY vs INSANITY to discuss : HPV and the Corporatist Agenda to maximise Revenue Opportunities by bribing National Governments to legislate for Mandatory Vaccination.

The quest to introduce mandatory vaccinations.  Many US states have already done this.

Italy and France coming.

Dr Graham Downing joins Ian, a researcher who believes vaccination is part of a much bigger programme of control.

Worldwide the agenda is hotting up.  The overt and the covert.

AV9 is coming up in May.  Humanity On The Cusp.

Motion to be debated.  This House believes that humanity as we know it is on the cusp of extinction.

(TAP – as usual I’m abroad in May and sadly can’t get there)

The Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanist agenda are well advanced.  Media and Hollywood are advancing the agenda.  J Dyer author of Esoteric Hollywood will talk on Hollywood Transhumanism, the tis of the machines.

John Wedger will take the stage at AV9 on the necessity for protection of police whistleblowers, and the survival of victims of child abuse.

David Noakes will be there talking about health regulation – the suppression of any medical interventions that are effective.  He has a court case about the regulators suppressing any effective cancer cures.

AV9 will be a tribute to the whistleblowers.

Third AV9 is near Milton Keynes, with shuttle from train and bus stations.  Price is £150 for early bookers.  To be raised to £165 after 14th February. and www.alternative 4th til the 7th May.  Full board.  300 plus people.

Level of awareness is rising exponentially amongst world populations leading to the elites making more mistakes.

Downing’s title – artificial intelligence – the war on human intelligence.  go to alternative view Youtube channel, His AV8 talk now available free.  He also spoke at AV8.1

‘Robots have a Bill of Rights.’  Jobs are going, warehousing, (HGV drivers to come soon) and they won’t be coming back.  At least half of all jobs are at threat.

Facebook has bots that can mimic a human being talking to you.  Why Facebook and other social media are so dangerous.

Universal basic income will be coming.  Jobs will be gone.  You won’t get your money unless you get vaccinated.

Motorways will only permit automatically driven cars and trucks.

You will be increasingly restricted where you will be allowed to drive.  This will end up as bubble cities.

Organic computers with multiple interconnected brains.  Wiring up animal brains to make a computer for us.  This is ready to roll – the hive mind.  Ten to fifteen years away.  This is becoming normalised.  UWE spokesman says personal computing will be injected inside embryos.

They’ve got the idea that the human body isn’t good enough.  This is incredibly dangerous, and serially on the cards.  They are talking how to turn the inner workings of the body into a working computer.  Cyber-emulated descendants, free of ethics, liberal values would do whatever is necessary to take control of whatever is left of humanity.

The more they put it out as an idea, the more it gets normalised.  They are already making electronic copies of human beings, claims Dr Graham Downing.  Hollywood is programming the population fo what is coming – virtual reality upbringing for children.   Less than a generation away.

Neflix alternative ‘carbon’ – you are a disk that can be plugged into another human body.  All left brain stuff.  No mention of natural connectivity to the wider realm, the soul.  Is humanity on the brink of extinction?  Graham says this is inevitable unless this is topped.  People need to become aware, and humanity stepping up to the plate.

Kidney doctor who sounded the alarm on vaccine damage was targeted for murder when the brake lines of her vehicle were secretly clamped

AV8.1 won’t be on youtube for a while.  Agenda 2040 The Rush To Transhumanism is for sale from

Rest is HPV vaccine and Anna Watson on medication given to babies and children.  The pressure to vaccinate.  Choice is being eroded.

Gardasil and Cerverix are more dangerous than HPV.  Many different versions of the vaccine.


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