The Beast From The East Sends Snow

The Beast From The East Sends powerful winds to the UK.
Russia hacked the Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony!?
Russian bots and catering moguls… troops on the ground getting marching orders from the catering boss.
UKC chat box: No mention in the lamestream of the “Gold” won by Russian hockey team.
“Putin ally said to be in touch with Kremlin, Assad before his mercenaries attacked U.S. troops”
Putin signs state arms procurement program for 2018-2028:
Syria… voting for cease fire…. zzzzzzz.
More chemical weapons hype… zzzzzzz
UKC chat box: Bring back Imadinnerjacket.
Israel invincibility has crumbled.
Iranian Foreign Minister’s name — Mohammad Javad Zarif
Onto Myanmar… any excuse for intervention. Islamic terrorists are agent prococateurs in the region… send in the UN peacekeepers!
UKC chat box: Same has happened in Africa, if deemed a threat to UK or EU they will intervene, seems to be the going policy.
US school shootings…
UKC chat box: Not gun problem. Neil Sanders type work: mind culture problem mixed with pharma drugs and Hollywood propaganda
Trash culture of the USA
Check Gov. Matt Bevin interview
2333 teen deaths from Traffic in a year
UKC chat box: 22,000 deaths from mistakes in prescriptions. UK.
Patrick: “Authorised trafficking of weapons is fine so long as it is by the US government”
2nd amendment was ratified for slavery… oh dear

Published on 26 Feb 2018
Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Weather normal…or…the ‘Beast from the East’
02:08 – Daily Mirror ‘truth’: Russia behind Olympic cyber-attack…
03:19 – The Washington Post and the dangers of fake news
05:43 – ‘Russiagate’ failing…China now also in the West’s crosshairs
09:38 – Russia agrees state arms procurement program for 2018-2028
12:19 – Syria: UNSC approves draught resolution for ceasefire
16:38 – Russian Diplomat: chemical weapons hype undermines peace
18:20 – Iran: Israel uses aggression and occupation as a policy
23:41 – Myanmar: EU will sanction Myanmar officials without evidence
29:24 – US school shootings: cultural destruction well underway Governor of Kentucky speaks out
43:43 – ‘The Second Amendment was ratified to preserve slavery’…

PS misc. note: I’ve noted in my diary to watch 21 March for Trump reboot the $…


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