The Prime Poisoner proves she can act in any role

Politicians are actors, in most cases.  It’s called ‘show business for ugly people’.  Here is The Prime Poisoner in an earlier role deceiving the public, proving her mettle in her earlier years.  It’s amazing how far she’s come.  From poisoning the plebs with detergents then, to today, poisoning them with methane gas and fracking fluids.  Where’s her next career move?

Poisoning us with nuclear dumping inside the fracking wells.  That’s the ultimate programme we are not being told about, says Ian R Crane.  Why otherwise are drillers being made to drill to 4500 feet, way below the level of the shale gas?

No doubt The Prime Poisoner will still be schmoozing us with soft soap, while the cancer rate trebles yet again across the land.

Let Ian R Crane tell you himself.


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